fosi audio v3

  1. R

    Got 2 Fosi ZA3 recently but now its V3 Mono.. feel shortchanged

    So couple of months back I scored the ZA3, run in monoblocks with 48V bricks. Now Fosi announced the V3 monoblocks with PFFB. I feel shortchanged and/or buyer's remorse ( probably a bit of both and may be unjustifiably ) Can someone add fuel to the fire or probably extinguish the anguish ...
  2. J

    Fosi V3 Style Preamplifier

    @Fosi Audio - Any update for us regarding a multi-input solid state preamp in the V3 series? OF all the things you have indicated you are working on, that's the one I'm most interested in.
  3. mfaughn

    Fosi vs NCore/Purifi: When would there be an audible difference?

    I'm weighing options for which new amplifier(s) to purchase. The budget option is Fosi v3 or ZA3. The more expensive option would be an Ncore/NcoreX/Purifi amp (from Buckeye). Obviously the latter would have more power and is technically superior. It seems that a v3 of a couple of ZA3 should...
  4. C

    Loxjie A30 and Denton 80’s

    I’m about to pick up some Denton 80’s as they are on offer, but I think the a30 may be underpowered. I’m not planning on driving them at high volume. The sensitivity is 86db, 6ohms. Does anyone have this combination, is it ok? Otherwise, I was thinking I could hook something more powerful like...
  5. gasolin75

    Black week,friday, upgrade Fosi audio TB10D or improve ?

    Not got the cash for a huge upgrade in amplifier despite black week and black friday So what can i do,try ? I can do something to my fosi audio TB10D Can i do an Op-Amp upgrade ? Is this the Op-amps on my TB10D ? Audiophonics has some Op-Amps, what should i upgrade to if possible, i want...
  6. W

    Fosi v3 load dependency with Elac dbr62 - A problem?

    I recently bought a Fosi audio V3 amp and I'm looking to buy some speakers. Fortunately I've found some Elac dbr62's used for $220. But should I buy them? As you can see at around 20khz they have an impedance of 10ohm: And that brings up an problem. The Fosi V3 amp has load dependency as you...
  7. Z

    Bricks List: 36V & 48V Power Supplies (for Fosi, Aiyima etc.)

    Here's a preliminary list of 36V and 48V (brick) power supplies: 48V: Aiyima / Douk Audio - 48V 5.2A (249.6W) - Model: FJ-SW202948005200 Aiyima - 48V 5A - Model: 4805000 Fosi Audio - 48V 5A GaN (240W) - Model: FJ-GN224048005000 Fosi Audio - 48V 5A - Model: JYH23Z-4800500-BF 36V: Aiyima - 36V...
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