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Basic EQ in 2 channel Receivers which already have DSP ... Should be by Law

Jake Cushing

Active Member
Nov 28, 2021
Why on earth would a receiver which already has room-measuring EQ circuitry, completely omit a basic graphic EQ function?

I'm talking about you, Yamaha RN803

So it's a great amp overall, nice test results in pure-direct mode, great classic looks and gorgeous in silver. And it has a ton of streaming and digital radio built-in.

It also has YPAO, ie their room EQ auto-optimiser whatever. I have no interest in this because from everything I read, it isn't worth the bother. And I don't want to colour the speakers beyond my control.

I have an RME ADI-2 DAC, a superb unit that lets me EQ inputs transparently. Just what I need to get my Studio Electric speakers singing perfectly despite being up against corners and what-not. Terrific for CD input.

But if I want to listen to digital radio, or stream something direct to the amp, there is no ability whatsoever to do basic bass EQ-ing. It seems intuitive that if a unit already has something like YPAO, it wouldn't be a huge deal to include that function as standard... am I missing something here?

Yes I would be missing on the pure-direct goodness, but sometimes you just want to browse digitally and not worry about absolute perfection in distortion - the EQing is a good trade-off in that circumstance where zero distortion means little when your speakers have boundary induced bumps in their mid bass.

The Denon AVR range offers this, but that's a big huge AVR with redundant AV processing for a basic 2channel stereo set-up.

I get the impression manual EQ-ing is rare amongst 2ch receivers, am I wrong?
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