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Apple's Latest: June 2017


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Mar 15, 2016
Monument, CO
Thanks Don. I too follow Apple announcements. The world has changed so much. When I was at Microsoft I could not get anyone to care to go after the creative crowd that Apple owned. Now Microsoft is attracting so many of them with their Surface computers. And meanwhile, you are the equiv. of being sent to Siberia if you work on Mac inside apple. Mobile devices get all the limelight. It is a sign of a company losing sight of its roots.

And their Siri speaker? So late and no leadership. When I got my original Amazon Echo, I was shocked that Apple had not thought of it. This is a product that you could design and get to market in 6 months and Apple took this long to bring it to market, losing even to Google that was a latecomer itself.

The leadership in technology is lost at apple.
It's really sad... I know there are other Jobs types out there, seems like Apple just can't come up with The Next Big Thing the past few years. They had plenty of flops under Jobs, of course, but always a few winners to keep things flowing.
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