1. B

    SMSL C200 Mac problems

    New user here. I've searched this site so I'm assuming this problem unique to me. I was really excited to receive this unit. I have 3 inputs (Mac mini M2/USB, PC Laptop/BT, set top box/toslink) with a set of powered Mackie studio monitors with balanced inputs. Everything connected fine and...
  2. 5

    Tool for analyzing dynamic range of music library

    Dear ASR-Community. Perhaps the topic has been discussed before. If it is indeed present, I simply have not been able to find it and would greatly appreciate a reference. At the moment there is a real hype about high quality audio formats and their providing via adequate hardware. It seems...
  3. F

    Apple Music LosslessSwitcher app for Mac

    I don't use the Apple Music service and have no connection to this app but just came across it and I figured it might be useful to some folks here... and
  4. DownUnderGazza

    DIY Surround Pre-Pro: Apple Logic Pro + Dolby Atmos

    TL, DR; What if we could configure Apple’s Logic Pro to be your Surround Preamp-Processor (including up/down mixing); Control input selection and output levels via Focusrite’s Rednet R1 controller; and Send the input/output channels wherever you need via Dante? PREAMBLE We all are very aware...
  5. sweetchaos

    Apple Announces Next-Generation M1 Pro and M1 Max Chips

    Apple just released M1 Pro and M1 Max processors to power the next generation of Macs. Full presentation is here (1hr): M1 Pro chip: M1 Max chip: Of course, new generation of Macbook Pro's that include M1 Pro and M1 Max were announced as well: Order today, available next week. Prices...
  6. DWPress

    Guide: Computer Active XO, 2ch+ and EQ/DSP (Mac & PC systemwide)

    FINAL EDIT 5/12/23: For the moment Kushview Element, the app used in this guide is no longer stable for macOS11+ or perhaps it's just the Apple silicon based Macs affected. I rely on the Hang Loose Convolver app now to do channel routing in a similar way but everything after part 2 below is...
  7. CuteStudio

    The SeeDeClip4 Declipping Music Server

    Ok, I'm not really a dealer but my software is for sale and does serve these purposes: * Helps me organise my music * Makes many of my CDs sound better * Selling copies means other people get interested and suggest stuff that makes it sound better and easier to use * Saves me having to buy...
  8. DonH56

    Apple's Latest: June 2017

    I have friends with Macs who can't believe I'm still Windows-based, but I have too many Windows programs and such. And every time I price one out it's 2x the price for the same HW and performance. Still, I follow Apple a bit, and thought y'all might like this person's take on their latest show...
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