1. L

    Apple Music launches Apple Digital Masters collection of high-quality songs

    Interesting announcement by Apple: Seems to be AAC 256kbit not ALAC and 24bit source material. Not quite sure what Apple are announcing to be honest or if this is more PR...
  2. DonH56

    Apple's Latest: June 2017

    I have friends with Macs who can't believe I'm still Windows-based, but I have too many Windows programs and such. And every time I price one out it's 2x the price for the same HW and performance. Still, I follow Apple a bit, and thought y'all might like this person's take on their latest show...
  3. amirm

    Have your Mac Smell Fresh Forever!

    I must confess, one of the things I cherished in my first Apple product, the Apple II (circa 1979) in my tiny bedroom was its scent. It had that new electronic smell which is long gone. So now we have a product that lets that smell continue from a freshly bought Mac...
  4. amirm

    Witty and Funny Look at the Apple's Battle with FBI over Encryption

    The language is NOT worksafe but is a very worthwhile watch and super funny at times especially towards the end:
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