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Amplifier help


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Dec 14, 2023
Hey All. Looking for some advice,

I recently upgraded my home theater system from a 4-channel output to a 7:1 output system... a major difference in quality and sound... wow. I'm looking to amp that up with a powerful amplifier. The equipment I have is a Denon AVR X2800h receiver- 95 watts per channel, (fronts) KEF QW150 bookshelf speakers- 8-ohm max 100W output, (Center) Klipsch RP-450c- 8 ohm 150 w cont. / 600 w peaks, (subwoofer) HSU VTF 3 MK 5- 600 w cont. / 2000 w short term, small Bose cube speakers for hights, and Sony bookshelf speakers- 6 ohms 60 w for surround {kef will replace these once I purchase floor speakers}

So I understand that the amplifier should power the center, subwoofer, and eventually the floor speakers to achieve their max output. Should I get an amp that has 8+ channels, or split it up into multiple amps to power individually? Also, I'm looking for any advice anyone has on an amplifier recommendation.

Thanks! Kyle
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