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  1. M

    SMSL A300 amp - Bluetooth Internal DAC recognizing as headphone

    At the moment I'm using the SMSL A300's internal DAC and it sounds relatively good after all, pairing with the notebook is practical on days where I just want to turn on and play, but Windows 10 is recognizing it as a headset instead of speakers (which would be correct), I notice that there is a...
  2. H

    Trying to create a set up, but not sure what I'm doing. [PC/Phone]

    I am trying to create a set up where I can play music from my desktop or from my phone via aux/BT. My main music library storage is on a external SSD attached to my PC (Windows 10 Education). I recently bought the Sony SSCS5-2 channel speakers. I've been doing research for the past week and have...
  3. Rougeonin

    Microsoft Surface Dial for Windows 10 and 11 volume control

    Basically I wanted a Bluetooth volume knob for windows to control my Topping d30 pro in DAC only mode. As a volume knob in windows 10 it changes in increment of 2 and vibrates by default at every change in volume which is nice. I have used it for 2 weeks and it is really great for control of...
  4. vvs.angelo

    Objetive recommendations for DAC/Amp portable

    Budget: 150$ (sadly). Format: Portable (iOS, Android and Windows) Features to consider for my main earphone: Etymotic ER4SR Impedance: 43.9958 to 75.8971ohms (from 20.3hz to 16khz (frecuency response respectly)) Sensitivity: 98 db/mW...
  5. P

    Asio weirdness

    So I have a Dell Inspiron laptop which I use mostly with my soundcraft signature 12 mtk desk. I have just bought a Roland fp30x digital piano which is not in the same room as my soundcraft desk. I have bought the addictive keys grand piano vst but was planning to use it as a standalone app with...
  6. W

    How can I use 3 different Dac's in Parallel in Windows 11

    My current set up uses a Rotel AV Processor, a Mytek Dac and a Topping DAC. When watching movies I would like to route the output through the HDMI out. But when listening to Music, I would like to use the two Dacs in parallel. What would be the simplest way of accomplishing this ?
  7. J

    Topping E30 DAC & Spotify

    Hello, everyone! I am very new to DACs and hi-fi systems in general. I have a Topping E30 DAC on the way which I will be connecting to my PC (Windows 10). I have the Edifier r1280db for my speakers which already has a built-in class D amplifier. Lastly, I will be streaming my music mainly from...
  8. ThatM1key


  9. S

    Windows 10: 4 sec L channel silence -> mute???

    Windows 10 USB, 44.1 kHz, 32 bit Topping D50s (3. ATUO: OFF) When there is audio signal only on R channel, the audio goes off after about 4 seconds. When there is audio signal only on L channel, the audio is on continuously. For example, I can play this youtube video (music signal only on R...
  10. Presently42

    Windows Setting Changes Frequency Response

    I first noticed something was amiss, when I measured my new JBL A130, and saw a bizarrely similar frequency response (fr) to what my old Technics SB-P1000 were producing. The measurements also didn't correlate nicely with what'd been measured here. Fast forward a while and much exasperaish...
  11. J

    Some questions about EQ and impulse response with foobar2000 foo_convolve and Equalizer APO

    So I've been messing about with equalizer APO and foobar2000. I am using a Schiit Modi 3+ DAC and a JDS Labs Atom amp, and I have a dt990 pro 250ohm, a dt990 special edition 600ohm (basically a dt990 premium 600 ohm), and a Senn HD600. I had some questions about how all the processing works: 1...
  12. DDF

    Ending the Windows Audio Quality Debate

    A debate has been long raging in the audio community that Windows isn't fit for use in a high resolution audio system. Sceptics counterargued that bits are bits and Windows audio degradations are a figment of an over-active audiophile imagination. I decided to investigate this as I kept...
  13. S

    ASIO inactive - Topping D50s

    Why do I see "ASIO not active"? How can I make it active? Windows 10 Pro, 20H2, OS build 19042.685
  14. Kachda

    minidsp shd - just bought - nothing seems to work

    Hi, I bought a minidsp shd and it just arrived today. I installed all the apps and drivers. The SHD app connects to the minidsp over USB, and I can connect it to the network, but other than that literally nothing works. 1. The routing matrix has nothing on it. 2. Clicking on Config2 hangs the...
  15. C

    Windows resample rate when in shared mode with 44.1 and 48 content

    I use exclusive WASAPI when listening to music by itself, but if I have to use shared mode (e.g. when playing a game and music at the same time) what should I set the sample rate to in the Windows settings? I'm guessing I should try to match the sample rate of the sources, but what should I use...
  16. D

    Windows 10 Creators Update (1703)

    Installed Windows 10 Creators Upgrade version 15063 from the Insider Programme, volunteered as guinea pig since Amir refused. RTM is expected next Tuesday (20170411), I beleive the Insider version (15063) I installed is quite close to final release. MS UAC 2.0 is part of release. Installed iFi...
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