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  1. C

    Windows resample rate when in shared mode with 44.1 and 48 content

    I use exclusive WASAPI when listening to music by itself, but if I have to use shared mode (e.g. when playing a game and music at the same time) what should I set the sample rate to in the Windows settings? I'm guessing I should try to match the sample rate of the sources, but what should I use...
  2. LarsS

    Windows 10 Creators Update (1703)

    Installed Windows 10 Creators Upgrade version 15063 from the Insider Programme, volunteered as guinea pig since Amir refused. RTM is expected next Tuesday (20170411), I beleive the Insider version (15063) I installed is quite close to final release. MS UAC 2.0 is part of release. Installed iFi...
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