1. M

    Room measurements with KEF R3

    Hi everyone, This is my first attempt to room measurement. My goal is to acoustically optimize the room. I have KEF R3 loudspeakers set up in my living room, standing on speaker stands that are 75cm high. The dimensions of the room are 520cm x 505 x 253 (L x W x H) and that would be 17.06ft x...
  2. M

    My first attempt at REW measurement. Am I doing this correctly?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to set up Neumann KH80 for mixing practice and as you can see, my room is super tiny. The dimensions are 280cm x 250 x 240 (L x W x H) and that would be 9.18ft x 8.2 x 7.8 for my American friends. I used Behringer ECM8000 and played sine sweep playing through both...
  3. F

    Speaker measurement with rew

    Hi, I got a setup with a pair of B&W 804d2 speakers and I have previously used them together with dirac. However I sold the device with dirac and I'm now back to messuring manually. My goal was to try and find any issues and correct them with the dsp in roon. My mic is a XTZ room analyzer 2...
  4. P

    Measuring Music Files/Tracks

    Hi All, I'm thinking of starting to measure comparable music tracks/files since I found out that my hearing is no longer as keen as it was a few years back when I was in my teens. What will I need, and how should I go about it? I have a Motu M2 (with loopback) which could be helpful
  5. Deafboy

    Verification of Audyssey’s XT32 results

    My first post on ASR! Recently I purchased a Denon AVR-3700H receiver based on amirm’s review of the unit and also his positive impression of the Audyssey Room Equalization system (reviewed separately) that is included in the Denon AVR-3700H. One aspect that piqued my curiosity is his opinion...
  6. C

    Help setting up Room EQ Wizard

    Hey Audio Science forum! I recently got more into audio and I want to treat my room. So I bought an electret measurement microphone to know what frequencies are the worst in my room to try and treat them. This is my current gear: -Scarlett 2i2g3 audio interface -Adam sub10mk2 subwoofer -Adam...
  7. R

    Are my subwoofers distorting? (Reading REW data)

    Hello everyone, I'm getting used to using REW with my UMIK-1, along with setting EQ curves for my 2 subwoofers using a MiniDSP 2x4HD. This is a pretty standard auto-EQ I did for my subs with a mini house curve. I didn't really do any individual tweaking yet (there are definitely a couple of...
  8. dominikz

    Impact of door/window position on in-room response

    For a while now I've been noticing that I can get pretty different LF in-room response depending on current room layout and whether doors/windows are open or closed. Anyway, a couple of days ago I decided to test a few variants to see what is the impact exactly on both my systems. First the...
  9. Sparky

    Minidsp SHD confusion

    Hi all. I have recently introduced an SHD into my system which is running a pair of Genelec 8341's I am familiar with minidsp products having owned a 2x4HD for a number of years which has been running and EQing my dual subs happily and very successfully. I am now trying to emulate what the...
  10. J

    Combining measurement methods to get a more accurate EQ - MMM + Gated Nearfield + Klippel Measurements

    I posted this on the HTM-12v2 thread, but thought it was an interesting enough concept that people might want to do it with other speakers and thus I am posting the info here as well. I had a fun little project today and wanted to add a layer of active EQ to my HTM-12v2 and wanted to compare...
  11. E

    How much gain do I need?

    Hi there. I'm trying to use Rew+RePhase+Eq Apo with my current setup: Amazon Music via laptop=>Topping D50s=>Rotel Rb 1552 (sensitivity 1.5 volts)=>Wharfedale Linton. I have built up several filters and noted that with some of them the music sounds a bit recessed. So I thought to insert a preamp...
  12. J

    Royal EQ Rumble! Objective measurements of Dirac vs Audyssey vs REW+EAPO vs Nothing

    I have always been interested in comparing the results of equalizing my speakers using REW, Audyssey, and Dirac and taking objective measurements for the comparison. I am not someone who is a validated trained listener, but I will also give a brief subjective opinion. First off, my setup is as...
  13. J

    Any utility in manually adjusting Audyssey MultEQ? Do you think my frequency response improved?

    I have an older Marantz SR7002 which has Audyssey Multi EQ built in. Using the generic mic and auto calculated filters and then comparing it with REW and my UMIK-1 it gives me horrendous corrections in areas that certainly do not need correction. It looks like this is quite an old version of...
  14. artburda

    Field Recorder Comparison Sony PCM-D100 vs Olympus LS-11 (vs Motu M4)

    I recently treated myself with a Sony PCM-D100. The price was just too good. Here is a quick ADC Line In comparison with my Olympus LS-11. The measurements were done in REW V5.20 RC8b with a Motu M4 using the unbalanced monitor output (Output 1 RCA) which was connected to the Topping L30 so...
  15. Matias

    REW filters into JRiver Convolution

    I spent some time trying to figure out how to make this work, gathering information from different sources, and now that it is working, I share below if someone is interested. I am far from an expert, but this is a starting point for noobs like me. The basic idea is to make measurements with...
  16. S

    First REW test with UMIK-1: weird output

    I received my UMIK-1 today and took my very first babysteps with REW. I followed the tutorials from amirm, but when I tested “check levels” it was difficult to get under -20 db SPL headroom. I added max gain to the UMIK (+16 db), and increased the volume to the limit of getting in trouble with...
  17. jtwrace

    The Intellectual People Podcast - Mitch Barnett of Accurate Sound

    Mitch Barnett of Accurate Sound tells us about his journey to become a leading expert in Digital Sound Processing (DSP). Accurate Sound is a remote service using Audiolense, Acourate and Room Eq Wizard (REW).
  18. A

    Little help neede with reading REW measurement outcome

    Dear experts I am a real rookie in this field, so pardon my ignorance. I managed to make a setup with my calibrated UMIC-1 and made a measurement. I do not know what to do next in order to generate a EQ filter for use in software TRD NOVA. What does 'target level' do? Must I change it? I get...
  19. MetalDaze

    First REW in room Measurements. How do they look?

    As the title states this is my first foray into taking actual room measurements. I'm a firm believer in room acoustics, speaker and listener positioning, distances from walls and speaker boundary interfaces. I'm using a UMIK-1 ver2 on a boom stand. USB into my HP Envy Tower --> USB RME ADI-2...
  20. ernestcarl

    Presonus Sceptre S8 (optimized) & compared to Neumann KH120

    I've had these two speakers for a very long time, but I've never really gone into a detailed comparison between these two side-by-side before. This exercise is going to be divided into sections, so just skip ahead to the areas of interest to you. Also, I'm going to be focusing on the Sceptres...
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