1. R

    Interpreting REW output from speakers System Audio, Dynaudio and Neumann

    I am new to room measurements, and I am not quite sure how to interpret this. I have compared 3 sets of speakers, positioned at approx the same place (all three are placed and not moved between measurements, so there is ca 20 cm between them): Red: Dynaudio Emit 20 Blue: System Audio SA510...
  2. C

    Added a subwoofer and it changed my high frequency response?

    I moved my subwoofer from my HT to my 2 channel system as an experiment and the rise above 10k Hz is very unexpected (to me). Since I don't have a preamp I used the speaker level connections if that matters, any ideas? Thanks, /Carl
  3. RandomEar

    The moving microphone method (MMM) for Dummies using REW

    After getting a couple of weird results on my first MMM measurements, I went searching around the forums & YouTube for what went wrong. To save others from gathering various bits and pieces of info from a dozen sources, I decided to publish this quick write-up here. You can use it as a rough...
  4. S

    REW measurements and 0dbfs level

    Hello everyone, I’m trying to measure the TempoTec Sonata HD Pro in REW as an example, as I would like to measure some other equipment in the future. System: RPi4, Raspberry Pi OS (Bullseye), REW (Java), EMU 0404 USB. The output level is set to maximum, 1kHz tone 0dbfs. The input level is -6...
  5. B

    Jamo C97 II with 2 KLH Subs, UMIK-1 with REW and Equalizer APO

    All, I have finally gotten around to using my new C97 II speakers, the UMIK-1, REW, and Equalizer APO. For the relatively cheap gear I have, this is the best sound I have been able to achieve in my house and the Jamo C97 II solved my lacking musical punch problem. I did find what I think might...
  6. R

    Audyssey XT32 vs REW comparison

    I have a question about those who use Audyssey and measure their results afterwards with REW. In short, are my results normal (below)? I'm a newbie on all this, forgive any dumb questions. I have a Marantz SR6015 receiver with three identical Ascend Sierra-LX speakers. (The center is on its...
  7. M

    Working through OCA videos to create DSP filters

    This thread is mostly directed at @OCA to continue YouTube comment section discussions in a little easier format, but maybe it will be helpful to others. First system I'm working on is my office desktop setup, in a carpeted bedroom that's approximately 4.7m x 4.1m x 2.9m. I live just under...
  8. P

    New measuring microphone does not work

    Hello, I am totally exhausted. I got a Behringer EMC8000 and connected it to my Focuswrite Scarlett. I used this cable Is this the wrong cable or why does just nothing work? No deflection of the microphone appears in REW...
  9. AudioBoy

    Is it possible to automatically correct the phase using REW arithmetics?

    Hello guys! I was wondering is it possible to correct the phase using REW mathematics? What prevent us to use this app potential to get rid of excessive phase elements in our measurements and get nearly perfect FIR filter which then could be used in Roon or Equalizer APO? Of course there is...
  10. R

    Testing car audio amplifiers

    Hello, lovely people. I have a small YouTube channel that focuses on car audio measurements and testing. Since I joined SQ (sound quality - opposite of SPL) community, I realised that a lot of car audio is based on myths and fairy tales from "back in the day". My goal is to start fresh and test...
  11. P

    Second opinion on my measurements

    Hello, I did some analysis of my 2 channel setup, soon I would also like to use it as a theatre setup also. Room is a 12x16, there is a serious destructive interference between 45hz and 60hz, I think one way to solve this is using 2 x Subwoofers. Let me know what you think ? Here's a...
  12. V

    How to show only the difference between two graphs in REW?

    Hi, how can I put two graphs in REW and visualize only the difference between them. For example: Graph 1 has +15dB at 5kHz, Graph 2 has +10dB at 5kHz, the difference should display +5dB at 5kHz. Thanks in advance! :)
  13. M

    KEF R3 new REW measurements (Do I need a subwoofer?)

    Hi again ASR community. Some time ago you helped me a lot in this thread Since then I have changed my audio setup and now it is KEF R3 with Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 streaming amp. Below please find the measurements I did using REW and UMIK-1 mic with RoomPerfect enabled (Lyngdorf room correction...
  14. Dennis_FL

    Help needed on Gustard DAC setup without Receiver

    I currently have the XLR output of the Gustard DAC going to a Buckeye amp and it works well. The way I integrated the sub is with high level (speaker wires) since I don't have a receiver with LFE output and DSP room correction and speaker volume adjustments. I have the sub crossover dialed in...
  15. Rednaxela

    Audyssey Manual Calibration Master Stroke

    The other day I mentioned elsewhere this wonderful video by @OCA. It covers many topics but it has one little trick that is so genius that I think it deserves its own thread. In short it is to make Audyssey believe that there is nothing to correct about your speakers and your room. This turns...
  16. E

    Optimizing 2.2 system using MSO-generated all-pass filters as MiniDSP biquads

    Dear All, I've bought a MiniDSP nanodigi, 2 8" subwoofers and a UMIK-1 and I've been experimenting with them for 20+ hours now. For my latest configuration, I have done the following: 1. REW sweep measurements in bass region for each of the 4 drivers for 3 LPs, I used acoustic reference on the...
  17. K

    My first REW measurements(KEF R3 META)

    I am sharing my REW measurements seeking for conclusions, thoughts, EQ and/or room treatment advise. What you see are the measurements of my main(2,2m) as well as my secondary(5m) listening position in a 30m2 non treated but really cared(curtains, carpets, furniture, canvas, positioning) room...
  18. S

    How best (which) to DSP for 2.1 setup with SMSL DAC/preamp into Audiophonics poweramp.

    Currently my SMSL SU-10 DAC is also the preamp for my Audiophonics HPA S400ET poweramp via balanced connection. Powered sub is KEF KC62, fed by unbalanced output from SMSL. My room has a floor to ceiling glass wall & patio doors to entire left side. WAF precludes most acoustic treatment. Looking...
  19. V

    Question about AutoEQ and REW for headphone EQ correction

    Hello everyone. Today I did a little experiment: I downloaded the Harman 2018 over ear target curve from AutoEQ repository and also the headphones measurement available there. I then used REW to equalize the headphones to the downloaded Harman target curve and, unexpectedly, the result doesn't...
  20. V

    Is it possible to flatten out a non measurement microphone?

    I was wondering if one could flatten out a microphone by inverting the frequency response found in a graph. I would like to get a taste of the result without having to buy an expensive microphone for this... There's a Superlux microphone, which is pretty cheap, but requires an audio interface...
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