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Dirac special sauce?


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Feb 10, 2023
I have a MiniDSP HTx with full range Dirac Live license. I am using it to drive a 2.1 system at this stage via toslink input.
If I use REW to generate 10 PEQ’s for the mains and do my best to phase align my sub I cannot seem to get a good result. I have conducted 1000’s of MMM or sweep measurements, tried over a hundred different tweeks to target curves etc. It just never sounds right - but youtube told me it was easy
In the past I had tried dirac but I kept getting an imprecise measurement error so I had been relegated to version 3.4.4 to avoid this error. Unfortunately I was not happy with that result either.
In general I was on the hunt for what everyone is after full range detailed reproduction of music. Unfortunately I was always stuck with a harshness that I just could not get rid of.
Anyway a week or so ago I upgraded Dirac to 3.10.1, and now my system sounds fantastic. I cannot explain how happy it has made me. I’d gone from defeat (and poorer) to enjoying my stereo again.
My question is whats the most likely reason for this success? Does anyone know what sort of filters Dirac uses? Currently I have all PEQ’s, crossovers, gains, delays etc set to 0 on my HTx and Dirac is doing it all. As harshness is typically further up the frequency range I don’t think the crossover has been the cause of it. So to my thinking its just eq, but why then can’t I get the same result with REW?
Thanks for your insights

PS I have not measured at MLP since this “fix”. One, because Im sick of measuring and 2 I don’t want to know! Needless to say I have always managed to get a smooth slope in the past.
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