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Optimization of 2.2 system with REW measurements


Jan 12, 2022

Recently I bought a second subwoofer for my stereo setup and I want to ask you about proper measurement process to get things optimized.

The setup consists of KEF R3 speakers and two Arendal 1961 1S subs crossed at 80 Hz. Amp is Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 with DSP room correction built in.

The way I have aligned before with only one subwoofer is this:
1. measure the distance to the sub and to the speakers and put the values in the amp together with standard amplifier delay for Arendal (8 ms)
2. in REW measure L + R speaker with L timing reference, sub disabled
3. in REW measure sub with L timing reference and signal sent to R speaker (but R speaker cable disconnected at the amp)
After this I used Alignment tool in REW to find the delay at crossover frequency and adjusted the value in the amplifier delay field in the amp.

Now the question is how to proceed with two subwoofers to set up the proper time alignment? Should I also measure L+R speaker or separately or... I would really appreciate some instructions on how to do it as I can't get my head around it :)
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