1. Cuckoo Studio

    Moondrop LAN Review

    Welcome to Cuckoo Studio review. I'm Anzol. The following content is presented from the perspective of a mixing engineer. If you prefer video version: We received LAN sent by MOONDROP, and we will take a comprehensive look at its performance. Similarly to other MOONDROP products, the LAN’s...
  2. Cuckoo Studio

    Moondrop Blessing 3 Review

    Welcome to Cuckoo Studio review. I'm Anzol, The following content is presented from the perspective of a mixing engineer. If you prefer video version: We have received the Blessing 3 sent by MOONDROP, let's take a comprehensive look at its performance. The packaging of Blessing 3 is mainly...
  3. simonlarry739

    I'm waiting for more comments to decide whether purchase blessing 3 cuz its graph is similar with blessing 2.

    Seems that Wifi is popular with audiophiles so their products be fast but lose quality controlled. I think Moondrop don't care much about the completion of specific products, not attacking them and comments about their iems but I think you will have objective thoughts if listening with...
  4. S

    Moondrop Variation need to replace Cable or adapter

    So, my moon drop 3.5 connector was broken i could use 2.5 or 4.4 but since my DAC only have 3.5, my option is - buy the 3.5 to 2.5 adapter, which is i dont know the consequences - buy new cable need advise on this, and some recommendation
  5. S

    Moondrop Chu alternatives

    hey all, first time posting so please pardon me if this isn't the right area for this kinda thing I'm looking for a pair of IEMs that sound similar to moondrop chu, doesn't have to be from them. really like these iems, but some issues: - their filters are super sensitive to humidity, I live...
  6. Soria Moria

    Dolby Atmos sounding dreadful on multi-driver IEMs?

    Hi. I recently got my first ever tribid IEMs, the Moondrop Variations. I've noticed that when connected to my iPhone playing music that supports Dolby Atmos on Apple Music, it sounds terrible and disjointed. This issue is not present on any of my other headphones or single-driver IEMs. Anybody...
  7. T

    SOLD!!!: [EU]Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk

    For sale the highly-acclaimed Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk, maybe the most value for money IEM out there. It is the version with the engraving on the faceplate (as shown in the photos) and comes with all accessories/original packaging. Price: 240E Ships from Greece to anywhere.
  8. Matias

    Moondrop Lab

    I wanted to create this thread to discuss all IEMs, headphones, dongles and all products from Moondrop as they are constantly releasing new models, plus discussing the current and previous IEMs too. Yesterday I received my Blessing2: Dusk and had a first listen, wow, so balanced! The hype is...
  9. N

    Moondrop Dawn - No menu selection

    I just got a Moondrop Dawn 3.5mm dongle for my Android smartphone. I downloaded the app - called Moondrop Link and plugged in the dongle to my smartphone with a pair of headphones. I got the prompt to "allow Moondrop Link" to access the device. Behind that I could see a menu for USB device...
  10. N

    I think I found the perfect USB C headphone dongle...

    The Moondrop Dawn - These specifications sound amazing! ...better than my Activo CT10 DAC. The CT10 DAP also has 2v output. I know the specs are...
  11. Matias

    Moondrop Chu

    New Moondrop Chu IEM has excellent tonality, metal body and costs only 20 usd (or 22 usd with mic, as I bought). Crin rated it very highly.
  12. Matias

    Moondrop MoonRiver 2 dongle measurements by L7 Wolf

    3.5 mm and 4.4 mm outputs. Price yet to be announced. Article below. Very nice measurements. SINAD 116 dB in balanced mode. Power in balanced mode is almost 3 entire watts at 32 ohms THD+N 1%! o_O
  13. O

    Moondrop SSP comparison and recommendation, earphone with similar fit

    I bought the Moondrop SSR but returned it because there was something quite wrong with it. I had to ratch the volume to the same level as the Senn HD560s to get some sound out of it so I returned. I liked it because of the comfortable fit as though you have nothing in your ear at all. I want...
  14. P

    Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk + Topping NX4 DSD = Endgame for me

    A while back, I posted about a not-so-good experience I had with Sennheiser IE80s and someone recommended the Blessing 2 as the be-all and end-all. I ended up getting the Blessing 2 Dusk. I am happy to report that I think I am done as far as IEM setup is concerned. I just don't see a way to get...
  15. C

    Is it worth upgrading iems? If it is not then which ones should i buy?

    I currently have the blon bl03 with upgraded cable and spinfit eartips and the Urbanfun YBF-ISS014 with spinfit i think cp145. I am considdering upgrading to the Magrid Tea's or Moondrop blessing 2 but i dont know if they are really worth spending $300 on when i have some iems that are way...
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