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Dolby Atmos sounding dreadful on multi-driver IEMs?

Soria Moria

Senior Member
Mar 17, 2022
Hi. I recently got my first ever tribid IEMs, the Moondrop Variations. I've noticed that when connected to my iPhone playing music that supports Dolby Atmos on Apple Music, it sounds terrible and disjointed. This issue is not present on any of my other headphones or single-driver IEMs. Anybody else notice this problem?
On second listen, it's as if only the mid-range driver works. It sounds truly awful.
dolby labs atmos dsu is rubbish its flawed . dolby labs only care about counting money not quality anymore

overhead surround as been around since 1969 and 1989 don't be surprised
If you have money to burn maybe buy a coupler and measure? Also FYI I believe Variations comes shipped with inverted polarity.
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