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  1. Matias

    Monitor Audio Anthra subwoofers

    New line of sealed subwoofers coming in 10", 12" and 15", class D amps, Bluetooth app with PEQ (like SVS), but with XLR inputs in all sizes. Anthra W10: £1,650 / €2,150 / $2,350 (USD) Anthra W12: £1,900 / €2,450 / $2,700 (USD) Anthra W15: £2,500 / €3,200 / $3,500 (USD)...
  2. H

    Opinions on putting together a used high end 3.1 speaker system w/ amp and receiver

    Hi everyone, I've been researching high end speakers and amps for a couple weeks now, and honestly it's overwhelming. I'm not super technical so reading reviews and trying to understand the charts just confuses me. I've gone to a couple shops to demo speakers and amps in person but they've...
  3. T

    An EQ Experiment in my listening room

    Hey guys, I've spent a lot of time Optimizing my Speaker Positioning using REW and after weeks of tweaking my current set-up has the following psychoacoustically smoothed frequency response at the listening position as measured by a Umik-1 microphone: As you can see I've got a...
  4. Matias

    Monitor Audio Platinum 3G

    New flagship series from Monitor Audio called Platinum 3G. So many pretty pictures and a shame there is no dispersion or spin graph... They also lost the front baffle leather and now look like the Gold series with some details different.
  5. S

    Help with deciding on Streamer and Setup upgrade

    Hello all, I currently have Marantz PM6003 + CD6005 + Monitor Audio Bronze bx2 First thing I would like to add is a Network Streamer. I would love to be able to play music from my phone / tablet using services as Tidal YouTube Prime. I was looking into Bluesound NODE (at about 550€ ) Second...
  6. Matias

    Monitor Audio Concept 50 announced

    Wow that is a unique looking one! "all sound is coming from a single point with consistent directivity"
  7. J

    Looking for home theater advice for my very specific room

    Hello, I'm a newbie and looking to build a dolby atmos home theater in my living room for the the first time. I have attached pictures of my room (the pc will move under the desk). I have already purchased a denon x3700h avr. I've been looking at some products and im worried about placement and...
  8. T

    Could I use a a budget bookshelf speaker as an Audio Monitor?

    Hi all, I've been a budget audiophile for a while, my 2i2(Gen 1) and HD58x's have continued to server me well without breaking the bank. However, I'm in need of a pair of speakers to monitor my audio and, unlike with my gaming and music preferences, I don't know what denotes a good reference...
  9. M

    Monitor Audio Gold 100 (2019 revision) measurements by SoundStage/NRC M.A.’s speaker measurements are all over the board, some are good and some are not, I don’t even know how they vary so much unless there...
  10. T

    Best Home Study Monitor for $ 200

    Hello guys. I am setting up a home studio and I need your support to find a monitor for a round $ 200 +/-, I'm thinking of an Adam Audio T7v, thank in advance. Regards :)
  11. E

    Advice New Studio Monitor.

    Hi. I'm trying to buy my new pairs monitors. I'm looking something under 180USD / Specially between 130 to 150. I'm going to produce Electronic Music and Mix, speacially Techno, Dub Techno. My alternative buying choices are JBL 305P Mkii (2nd Gen) Eris Presonus e5 Xt Mackie MR524 If you hava...
  12. Audiophonic


  13. amirm

    RMAF 2016: Monitor Audio, Cyrus Audio, Clarus Cables, Massif Racks, Pass Labs, Kevro International

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