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    Could I use a a budget bookshelf speaker as an Audio Monitor?

    Hi all, I've been a budget audiophile for a while, my 2i2(Gen 1) and HD58x's have continued to server me well without breaking the bank. However, I'm in need of a pair of speakers to monitor my audio and, unlike with my gaming and music preferences, I don't know what denotes a good reference...
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    Monitor Audio Gold 100 (2019 revision) measurements by SoundStage/NRC M.A.’s speaker measurements are all over the board, some are good and some are not, I don’t even know how they vary so much unless there...
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    Best Home Study Monitor for $ 200

    Hello guys. I am setting up a home studio and I need your support to find a monitor for a round $ 200 +/-, I'm thinking of an Adam Audio T7v, thank in advance. Regards :)
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    Advice New Studio Monitor.

    Hi. I'm trying to buy my new pairs monitors. I'm looking something under 180USD / Specially between 130 to 150. I'm going to produce Electronic Music and Mix, speacially Techno, Dub Techno. My alternative buying choices are JBL 305P Mkii (2nd Gen) Eris Presonus e5 Xt Mackie MR524 If you hava...
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