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Dec 3, 2021

I'm a newbie and looking to build a dolby atmos home theater in my living room for the the first time. I have attached pictures of my room (the pc will move under the desk). I have already purchased a denon x3700h avr. I've been looking at some products and im worried about placement and positioning.

I'm looking at tower speakers, and I think the will be around 30-40cm away from the wall before it protrudes too much from the desk. Should I be worried about placing speakers too close to the desk? the other side seems to have a lot of space (around 1meter from wall to tv edge)

The speakers will be around 4 feet apart (just to the side of my LG cx) - with little to no room for toe - in. Should i be worried about this?

My couch is around 9 feet away from my tv. and my room is actually quite long, just less than 10 meters in width and around 3 meters in length - but my tv and speakers will only be placed on one side of the room.

I've been looking at a few products like

Dali opticon 6 mk2 from what i've read they seem to work well without toe in and apparently can be placed 20cm from the wall according to product description from richer sounds

focal 826-d since it is front ported and have up-firing dolby atmos built in, (i heard front ported speakers are better for near wall). My worry is that their documentation say that i shouldn't be near a corner (which is sort of created with a desk, i dont know if it counts). they also suggest toe-in which i cant do. and this review said you should have them ideally at 320cm apart https://perfect-acoustic.com/focal-chora-826/ which seems like a lot

Kef Q750/Q950 - has front facing passive radiators and is significantly cheaper than the other 2 options

Monitor audio silver 200 (7g) - they come with port bungs so i guess they might work? but their matching dolby atmos modules are expensive

atmos - kef q350 for dolby atmos (unless i buy the focal) since its cheap.
Sub - i was thinking svs 1000 pro, for no particular reason? i guess brand value? ive just heard the name svs and it's within my price range.


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