1. I

    Please help. Mic, speakers and headphones!

    Hello guys. Currently im using Audient id4 with Sennheiser HD 600 headphones and a shure sm7b microphone. I added a dynamite to the microphone, but it is still underpowered. I'm looking to add speakers, maybe like the KEF Q150, and was wondering how to have all these 3 things working well...
  2. Mantra

    looking for a good cheap external battery bluetooth low latency receiver for my cable headphones

    Hi i'm using my headphones via cable ,and i like it a lot but sometime i'm using my phone to listen music , and i would like to listen music with a tiny bluetooth low latency receiver just to use with my sennheiser / grado and so on headphones , i have found Mpow receiver Bluetooth ,very cheap...
  3. D

    Recommended headphones without equalization list?

    Hey all, After folks listen to some of my headphones they often ask for recs, and I struggle a bit because I don't want to recommend anything that needs equalization. However, it's hard to find headphone reviews on these forums that are recommended w/o equalization. As I have hifimans as my...
  4. fountain

    Do you know of any closed over-ear headphones that have a completely flat frequency response curve?

    I am trying to make a new purchase of headphones and I am looking for the purest sound possible, I would like them to be closed-back because I would like to use them both outdoors and indoors and I already have some open ones that fulfill their function for when I am at home
  5. M

    Hi :) i want to buy a DAC for plugging headphones into TV wired

    hey so i have my headphones that are bluetooth but i find it annoying to move around and away from tv for small amounts of time and then come back and reconnect the bluetooth and what not. so i wanted a way that i could plug my headphones into my tv wired, but they only have a digital optical...
  6. nerdemoji

    A New EQ Strategy (Theory) for good personalized sound quality

    Skip to the bolded text if you don’t care about the story. Before I learned about audio science, I got the AirPod Max and thought that they were the pinnacle of sound quality (actually there was a recent study that showed they had preference very close to Harman 2018). When I learned some...
  7. C

    DAC/AMP with 'Audio Accessory Mode'

    I have been reading for hours and I have a question: I have tried the Cyrus Soundkey DAC/AMP with the Samsung Note 8 and it is excellent for music but the Note 8 sends phone calls to it's own built-in speaker/earpiece. I have also found out that the Samsung Note 8 comes with these USB-C...
  8. Another_Moon

    Please, recommend headphones for listening to music with ENJOYMENT.

    Greetings, I want headphones for enjoying, comfortable, pleasant, probably emotional, possibly fun listening. Budget up to about $300. As I heard the phrase, in a review of the DT 990 Pro from a sound engineer, where he compared them from the point of use of mixing/mastering, he said that these...
  9. sweetchaos

    Linus built a headphone

    Linus Tech Tips just released (2 hrs ago): They used parts from aliexpress. ChatGPT 3.5 (the free one), summary: ChatGPT 3.5 (the free one), actionable steps: Thoughts?
  10. A

    Denon AH-D5200

    After seeing a person bringing up these headphones in my "Headphone under 350 euro" thread, I looked them up and they cached my attention a bit, therefore I'd like to hear more opinions on Denon's AH-D5200.
  11. L

    Please help me decide with DAC/AMP combo and Speakers

    After tons of searching I'm leaning more towards this configuration to expand my laptop audio, guys please help me if I'm doing right? DAC/Headphone Amp: Schiit Jotunheim with Multibit DAC IE JVC HA-FD01 IEM Speakers: Some active speakers with sub, 2.1 My main goal, besides having good...
  12. A

    Best headphones under 350 euro

    Hi. I am looking for new headphones to buy - open back, wired, over-ear. Budget - 350 euro (can be a little more if it's worthy and reasonable). May or may not require an amp to power them (if it does, what amp is the best for that?..) Great sound quality and comfort - pretty much all that...
  13. O

    Meier Crossfeed plugin - Has an unexpected behaviour - it acts like a brickwall limiter !

    I've been using the version of this open source crossfeed tool, provided by Liqube here https://resonic.at/tools/bs2br I discovered, purely by accident, when observing some other plugin behaviour which I won't go into here, that if I have any EQ processing before sending audio to this...
  14. C

    Don't know which Headphone to buy (budget 2K)

    Hello everyone! I need advice on which headphones to buy. I listen mostly to the following artists : Mariah Carey Mase CamRon Taylor Swift The only headphone I have tested was the Sennheiser 660S2 and it was like the sound was not focused on the vocals. Like the voice was on something...
  15. IAtaman

    Which headphone to get if you don't need any headphones

    Every week we get someone asking what is the best headphone to get under a certain budget, and and we try to understand what they are after, and help them as much as we can. What if someone comes and says I have a lot of headphones, I don't need any, but I want to get one anyway as a...
  16. M

    Looking for new Headphones for the next 10 Years

    Hello Forum, I have been using the Sennheiser HD 650 for 10 years, but they are now coming to the end of their life. I also temporarily had the HD 600 and 800s, neither of which convinced me. So now I'm looking for new headphones that will last at least 10 years with pad change/cable change and...
  17. C

    Looking for first pair of home studio monitors (Video Editor)

    Hello. For context, I work as a full time video editor and often times I have to deal with a little sound mixing on my projects. These include voice EQ, sound effects and music. At this point I'm using my Macbook Pro speakers and Hyperx Cloud II to mix. Of course this might be the worst...
  18. nerdemoji

    What are the ugliest headphones in your opinion?

    We've seen ugly components, ugly speakers, and certainly ugly frequency responses. What are some ugly looking headphones? example (they look silly on anyone's head)
  19. P

    Audient iD24 Headphone Output

    I'm looking to upgrade my Focusrite 2i2 2nd gen and I've narrowed down the search, for now, to mainly the Audient iD24 which seems like a great interface and also got a pretty good review from Julian Krause. However, there's one thing that kept me from pulling the trigger and that was the...
  20. S

    Choosing headphones under 500-600$ in 2023

    Good afternoon, audiophiles! I want to choose full-size headphones. Detailed in priority. Of course, I would like more or less even in the frequency response, low distortions, and that the middle was not swamped (like a V-shaped FR), but the main thing is details and separation. Also I'm not a...
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