1. LuminousMoth

    Is there any difference between the LCD-24 and LCD-X 2021 after are both equed to the Harman Curve?

    Hi all, does anyone of you have experience with both the lcd-x and lcd-24? I was in the market for an LCD-X, I have an HD800s which I EQ to the Harman target and its almost perfect, but I find the sub bass around 30 hz to be insufficient even after eq. I did a tone test with a sine wave at 30...
  2. B

    Upgrade Sennheiser HD 650s to Planars for mixing/mastering work?

    Hey all! Been a lurker in here forever. Had a question for all of you. I only use headphones occasionally for mixing/mastering work when I'm on the road. I currently use Sennheiser HD 650s with sonarworks to correct the EQ. But I see myself using headphones more and more in the near future...
  3. R

    Headphones : Experience Beyond Sound

    With a lot of headphones these days, QoL features have made them far more than just a casing for drivers. ANC, Touch Controls, Wireless, Multi-Device Playback, Spatial Audio, Folding Mechanism, Detachable Cable, Swivel and such. I believe that for headphones to evolve further as devices that...
  4. N

    Building a perfect headphone system.

    Hello fellow ASR members, I'm looking for advice with respect to building a headphone system. Although my Activo DAP sounds good, I want to build a "reference" headphone system so I can easily quantify (at least subjectively) different headphones as I buy more in the future, based on perceived...
  5. A

    Headphones that are fun and forgiving?

    Hi I’m in the market for a fun headphone to pair with my HD 560s, something that is warm bassy with smooth trebles, that makes poorly mixed songs more enjoyable to listen to. Meze 99 seems to be everyone’s number one choice, similar cans I can think of is the dt 177x and 700 pro x , if anyone...
  6. D

    Headphone / Amp Recommendation

    I've been a long-time reader here, mostly for speaker / amp / DAC reviews. I'm looking to get a desktop setup for headphones, a s I've done some digging, but I haven't really paid enough attention to all the headphone / amp reviews on here to have a good understanding of the landscape. I wanted...
  7. N

    Do 6.3mm headphone adapters make a difference?

    The following is an official reaponse copied and pasted from my email: Furutech chooses to plate with rhodium on higher end parts for its sonic benefits and incorporate carbon fiber for its resonance damping properties. Depending on the quality of associated components, you should experience...
  8. T

    Headphones / Amp recommendation for given budget

    Hi all, I'm new to audio stuff and I'd like to make my first meaningful purchase. I'd like to ask you for suggestions as your product reviews and general know-how seemed better than other forums. I'll keep my question clutter free. Topic Audio setup for PC desktop, looking for Headphones and...
  9. WickedInsignia

    The best headphone for EQ

    Here at ASR we're pretty EQ-crazy. That's perfectly valid, since EQ is just another link on the chain to make music sound more natural and enjoyable. So what is the best "EQ-ready" headphone? If we consider some notes Oratory1990 has made on this topic (excerpt from this comment), we gain an...
  10. WickedInsignia

    Shure SRH440A and SRH840A

    Shure has released some updates to their classic studio staples, the SRH440 and SRH840. The new models have an "A" at the end. Looks like they have an entirely redesigned build and comfort, which is great news for those familiar with the old pairs (especially the 440). Also, no more coiled...
  11. C

    Wanting to buy better headphones

    I currently use the m50x, they sound ok but not very impressive. I don't exactly know my preference in the tuning. But I like how the 7hz timeless sounds, same with Mangird tea's. I know that headphones don't sound the same as iems but i like tuning of them. I mostly listen to rap. I prefer them...
  12. T

    3D Printed Aurora Borealis style headphones

    Hi all - I posted this over on a couple of other forums, but ASR is where I spend the most time and wanted to share this. This is pretty much near final except for I don't think the headband is perfected. I don't have a GRAS to measure, but they sound decent to me. I have a simpler version where...
  13. T

    [FS][EU] Focal Utopia

    For sale, the famous Focal Utopia. They have been originally bought in 2017 and I am the second owner. They come with the original cable and box. They are in perfect functional and cosmetic condition, apart from the minor sign highlighted in the last photo (that's why the low selling price)...
  14. artburda

    FS: Neumann NDH 20

    I‘m selling my barely used Neumann NDH 20 headphones for CHF 330.- (around USD 360.-) plus shipping. Bought them in February 2020 and most of the time they have been just laying around in their box. Condition: almost like new, they have one tiny almost invisible scratch, about 0.5mm in size...
  15. O

    Headphone Listening with Acustica Audio's Sienna

    I thought it good to share, cos it has absolutely impressed me a whole lot. Acustica Audio is a pioneer in a special kind of convolution based emulation of analog audio processing devices, such as microphone preamps, equalisers, compressors and reverbs. Been around for about a decade IIRC. Not...
  16. Harmonie

    Headphone pad makers

    This is going to be a short thread. I'm looking for HP pad makers, do you know any (and PIC contact) ? Not brands, but makers. For example: stumptner https://www.stumptner.de/welcome.html If this threads is a start for an address book of contacts >> appreciated !
  17. lostone98

    Which one would be the best choice, the Cyrus One HD vs LEAK STEREO 130 vs PS Audio Sprout 100 Integrated Amplifier's

    Which is the best performer, best features and best buck for the value? I don't have a lot of money. I like the look of LEAK STEREO 130 but the PS Audio Sprout 100 seems to do the most. Sprout100 - PS Audio Cyrus ONE HD - High Resolution integrated amplifier STEREO 130 I don't know much about...
  18. ThatM1key

    FS: AKG K7XX Headphones (SOLD)

    Price Total: $60 (Open for offers) + $15 shipping (USPS Priority Mail - Insured) [USA Main 48 States Only]. My eBay link is https://www.ebay.com/itm/133950361526 I am open to offers & questions. eBay Description: Selling AKG K7XX Limited Edition Open Back Headphones. Headphones do work. The...
  19. L

    Cutting of frequencies below 20 Hz

    Hi, I wanted to know you opinion on cutting frequencies below 20 Hz, I saw a lot of speakers that have small woofer that doesn't extend well past 50-60Hz, but that's not the case with headphones, with many reviews recommending equalization of bass to Harman target and even with linear bass...
  20. mononoaware

    [Solved] Attention Headphone users - I need help identifying these headphones.

    Photo is from ShenzhenAudio twitter. Post only names the DAC/Amp/Player and there are zero comments.
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