genelec 8030c

  1. D

    Genelec 8030C vs Neumann KH 80 DSP?

    Hey everybody, I’m trying to decide between the Genelec 8030C and the Neumann KH 80 DSP for nearfield monitors for recording and mixing music. It’s a small room with acoustic treatment. I’ll be sitting about a meter or less from the speakers. I’m wanting a pretty accurate and flat response but...
  2. C

    Looking for my first streamer

    Hey, I am considering buying a pair of Genelec 8030C as my first quality speakers but i want to be able to stream to it. So i wonder whats the best solution is for a streamer Max budget $150.
  3. pkmnx

    FS/US: Genelec 8080C - Studio Monitor Speakers Pair - $1025 (local, nyc) or $1150 shipping (obo) (price raised due to interest)

    Hi: please excuse that I am a new member and perhaps barging in to sell something - but I have lurked for some time. I am an entirely legitimate person w/ no intentions of scamming anyone. I enjoy upgrading equipment and am interested in swapping out my Genelec 8030C's for 8341A's (which I saw...
  4. M

    3x Genelec 8030c, 2x Genelec 8010a

    For sale is a complete 5.0 Genelec setup. I have been using this system only a few months for movie and music listening and it is the best system I have ever heard, however at my listening distance of almost 3m from the LCR, I want more output so will be going higher up in the Genelec range. The...
  5. M

    Do the Genelec 8030c hiss?

    I am close to buying a pair of Genelec 8030c speakers for desktop listening at an arm lengths distance. I listened to them, and a bunch of other monitors in store, and really liked them. However I've read some posts stating that they hiss if you aren't playing anything on them, and that the...
  6. W

    Two Configs. How much do I need to spend?

    Hello, I'm looking at putting a 2 monitor + DAC system. My research has placed me into two setups, it seems. I was considering Neuman KH80 but don't car for the plastic, and KH-150 seems overpriced compared to the 8340a Viewing Distance: 1m Room size 12 x 10 Config#1 1. RME ADI-2 DAC FS...
  7. fuzzychaos

    F/S: Genelec 8030c

    Hi all. I have a pair of Genelec 8030c's for sale. They are about three months old and I am only wanting to sell them to finance a pair of 8330a or 8340a's. In great condition 9/10 at worst, just because they are out of the box. I have never sold here but I have sold quite a bit on
  8. W

    8030C floor stand help needed

    Hello, I've been reading the forums for months trying to find the perfect speaker. I'm half Finnish so Genelec seems like a natural fit. I was tempted by the KH80 but the 4" size might be too small long term. I thought I may need the 8340A 6.5" but a post said it's bigger, louder 8030C, so now...
  9. J

    Studio Monitors for Film Audio post production

    Hello guys, I work in film and tv audio post production (Dialogue editing,sound design,foley...) and currently looking to buy a new set of studio monitors suitable for my work. I was using the Adam audio T7V but now i moved to a smaller room and looking for an upgrade. i'm looking for 4" or 5"...
  10. B

    Looking to upgrade from Yamaha HS50 (Alpha 50 Evo, 8030C).

    Hello Everyone, I'm a musician and do engineering/mixing for my band (garage/punk) and solo projects (post rock/metal). I've been using a set of HS50's for ages now and I'm looking for something less harsh with a bit more low end extension. I believe the HS50 starts rolling off in the 70's and...
  11. Adam Bernau

    GENELEC 4030 (SAME AS 8030) white FS in Europe (Prague)

    Only tested, practically not used. 850 Eur, shipping in Europe included. Highly praised here in Amir´s review. Mail to: [email protected] Cheers!
  12. B

    Genelec 8030c + SVS sb1000pro setup

    I intend to switch from an Audiophonics Hypex Ncore NC252MP amp paired with some old speakers to an active system. So after some consideration my preference would be to try out the Genelec 8030c (balanced XLR in). My current gear and which I would like to integrate: Topping E30+L30 (RCA out) as...
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