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    Looking for kind advise on what hardware to get to assure reliability and decent sub integration

    It's been a long pleasure to read along this forum for months. For my birthday I had decided to finally build a value setup. I'm seeking best value offering with future subwoofer integration. I plan to stick with the build for long, and would rather not touch it for around 10 years so...
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    DAC/Preamp with network controls (volume and source)?

    Hey Guys, I realize this doesn't have a ton to do with science and much more with experience, but you seem like a pretty knowledgeable bunch. I would really like to have the ability to change source and volume of my stereo through my phone. My sources are digital: a RasPi w/Moode (USB), a TV...
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    DAC / Preamp after failure of Topping D90SE at 82 days

    Advice please on which SMSL DAC / Preamp to choose. The SU10, or the D400EX, or the D400ES, or other of similar capability. Great XLR output quality (power & SINAD) highest priority. LDAC is desireable but not essential. Two Topping failures in less than 8 months makes me nervous, so a company...
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    Subwoofer with Hypex amp & dac?

    Currently I'm running some Paradigm Prestige 75f towers with a cheap Sony amp but plan to upgrade to the hypex NC252MP amp or similar soon (and upgrade to BMR Towers eventually) I want to connect a CD player, and still be able to stream the lossless files I have downloaded onto my android as...
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