1. Marc v E

    CamillaDsp Moode not working

    I'm very much a beginner when audio dsp is concerned but want to experiment with Rew and eq to see what can be achieved. I first started with my desktop setup consisting of a raspberry pi, a Topping dx7pro and Genelecs 8030 A. The Raspberri pi 4 (edit: 3b) has the latest version of MoOde and...
  2. Madjalapeno

    The beginners guide to setting up CAVA on a Raspberry Pi

    What is CAVA CAVA is a software spectrum analyzer for Linux devices. It will happily run on a Raspberry Pi, and here I will show you how to install it as a Roon Endpoint, with CamillaDSP. This post will be split into chunks as I write it. After doing this I tried a different screen and it...
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