1. A

    Dirac Live Bass Control coming to Dirac Live Stereo This YEAR!!

    Hi music and movies lovers. Context: Dirac Live IMO is the best room correction / smart EQ tool available now. Stereo license allows you to run Dirac Live Processor as an app on your PC/MAC (exactly what I'm doing). Now, Dirac Live also...
  2. Jim Shaw

    New Explainer About Bass Room Acoustics

    BASS ROOM MODES, which we just have to manage to live with, is the subject. Over the years, there have been tons of 'arm waving' attempts to show how and why room modes affect music playback. Just recently, Kyle of Audio University uploaded this on his YT channel. I believe he comes closer to...
  3. M

    Powering the subwoofer

    Bass quality is affected by many things including amplifier, bass driver and room.
  4. A

    Headphones that are fun and forgiving?

    Hi I’m in the market for a fun headphone to pair with my HD 560s, something that is warm bassy with smooth trebles, that makes poorly mixed songs more enjoyable to listen to. Meze 99 seems to be everyone’s number one choice, similar cans I can think of is the dt 177x and 700 pro x , if anyone...
  5. Wack Audio

    Big value bookshelf speaker poll

    Cast your votes above.
  6. M


    Hello there, I am probably going to get a lot of hate for this, but here it goes. I love the way the ifi dac v2 truebass button works, it just doesn't have enough power, i was using it on a pair of HD800s. Since then, i have bought the topping a90 d90 combo. What i want to do is somehow get that...
  7. Marasmic

    Need a pair of monitors with better bass extension than the IK MMs (Budget less than $500 if possible)

    Hey all, I'm currently in the market for a pair of monitors to replace the IK micromonitors I bought. The micromonitors are very impressive for their size, but they're very forward with the mids and they're not able to reproduce the bass tones in a lot of the music I listen to/make. I bought...
  8. L

    Cutting of frequencies below 20 Hz

    Hi, I wanted to know you opinion on cutting frequencies below 20 Hz, I saw a lot of speakers that have small woofer that doesn't extend well past 50-60Hz, but that's not the case with headphones, with many reviews recommending equalization of bass to Harman target and even with linear bass...
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