1. SimpleTheater

    So sick of all the bickering - so I did something about it

    How many arguments can we have that just go around and around in circles. ASR is hated on HiFi Heaven, HiFi Heaven is hated on ASR, Audioholics is being harassed by Synergistics, and cable arguments that go on and on and on. I decided NOT to create more acrimony, but I decided to bring unity...
  2. T

    Audiophiles Rejoice: The Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem actually proves high-res audio is real and works I like ASR, would be interesting to hear what you think about this article.
  3. M

    Headphones guitar studio

    Hi, im new here, been reading a few weeks, getting ideas for my setup to play guitar and since I’ll do it on headphones,it seemed the place to ask, sorry to make my first thread a question,also apologies if this has been discussed,I had a search and couldn’t,like I’ll explain in a moment, im...
  4. B

    Audiophile Music Sales

    Of special interest to the audiophile community might be tracks 2, 3, 6 & 9. These tracks have been recorded using just one microphone, the Josephson C700S. The advantages of the One Microphone approach to recording are obvious: perfect imaging, great sense of depth, superior realism and phase...
  5. B


    15 % off on all downloads at NativeDSD Music 15 % off on all downloads at Vinyl Records, SACDs, DVD Audio, Audiophile Equipment|Acoustic Sounds 50 % off on some downloads at Sound Liaison Music Shop
  6. B

    How to position your speakers perfectly?

    Best speaker placement tutorial and best speaker placement music? On youtube there are a great number of tutorials in speaker placement. Any of these you would especially recommend? PDF manuals link are welcome as well. Cambridge Audio, Cnet, Crutchfield......? I have downloaded the Sound...
  7. V

    Power conditioners suggestion

    Hi awesome guys, i was looking to those kind of.. Audiophile Sockets Shuko, also called Power conditioners i think, just to make sound my headphones into TA-ZH1ES Dac-amp better (I will buy that soon) but i have almost 0 Experience in audio, you do, oh, if you do, you knowings are golden.. So...
  8. orchardaudio

    PecanPi - Next Generation Raspberry Pi DAC and Streamer

    Meet the PecanPi DAC and Streamer Improvements over previous generation DAC include: Fully linear ultra low noise power supplies Re-clocking with Crystek femtosecond jitter oscillator Built in HW volume control (no Volume-Clocker needed) Built in high performance headphone amplifier Full...
  9. K

    Interviewed Jason Lord from Source AV

  10. K

    Of Audiophiles and Snake Oil - A story in the making

    I posted a long'ish' thread on Reddit regarding audiophiles and their ideas on 'expensive being better' - I'd love to know what everyone here thinks about this. Am I among the handful who feels like objectivity is the only 'objective' for DACs/Amps? Should I do what they say and 'trust my...
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