1. J

    Help with improving sound

    Hello, First of all, I am glad I found this site and it is nice to meet all the fine folks here. I'm just a budding audiophile wannabe who wants the best of the best possible sound money can buy, the only limitation being my diminishing hearing and money as a finite resource. For a while now...
  2. K

    Has anyone attempted to power the Dali Spector 1 using the Aiyima A07 Pro, T9 Pro, or Fosi V3 or ZA3?

    Has anyone attempted to power the low sensitivity (83DB, 6ohm and 40-100 power rating) Dali Spector 1 using the Aiyima A07 Pro, T9 Pro, or Fosi V3 or ZA3? How do they deliver in terms of tonal richness and clarity across the midrange and bass frequencies? I'm considering them for desktop use...
  3. BobbyTimmons

    Is it audiophoolia to care about SINAD differences which have no correlation in blind listening tests? H2/H3 distortion 'enriches the sound'?

    Most of the variability found in DACs and amplifiers wouldn't correlate with findings in blind listening tests. Research even shows lower order distortion can be a good thing for some ('Recent studies have clearly shown the human PREFERENCE for THD distortion of low order or at higher...
  4. Z

    Audiophile hobby is a scam?

    Hi Guys! Please help me understand, because I do not know If I am missing something, or the whole audiophile hobby is a scam. I have several headphones with different frequency responses (namely: AKG K712 PRO, Grado SR225i, Sennheiser HD559, Sennheiser HD560S, Audio-Technica AD700X, AKG K371)...
  5. M

    Audiophile Ethernet exists: the AVB/TSN thread

    Hi All, It turns out that audiophile Ethernet exists. It is called Audio Video Bridging (AVB) or Time Sensitive Networking (TSN). AVB/TSN guarantees latency as opposed to standard Ethernet, which does not guaranetee the delivery or a particular data packet at all. It is an official IEEE...
  6. D

    HIFIMAN XS: Use Topping DX3 Pro+ or buy another Interface?

    I recently bought a Hifiman XS, sadly it was a bit of a hasty decision since the headphones were on sale. I didn’t check whether my interface (Scarlett 8i6 3rd Gen) is powerful enough to efficiently power the headphone (I would use it for music production with Sonarwork (Flattening-EQ...
  7. JaccoW

    Want to make a movie psycho? Make them an audiophile!

    We all know Patrick Bateman and his $15K Harman Kardon sound system from the movie American Psycho, but just like eating an apple shows someone is the villain, having an (extremely) expensive sound system is the signal of a movie psychopath apparently. Not an original idea, Derrick Gee pointed...
  8. A

    Recommended USB interface? (ADC/DAC)

    Hi, I'm searching to buy a USB interface that I can use for two purposes: 1) Play HD music from a Raspberry Pi through usb and connecting the (line) output to an amplifier. 2) Record music from my turntable (through my iFi Zen phono preamp, so it needs to have a line input) to a Raspberry...
  9. L

    Why "audiophiles" don't use VSTs?

    Why "audiophiles" don't use VSTs? Concept is pretty clear - you would get objectively saying the most precise amp, speaker - entire audio rig - and then colorize signal digitally at source (well, you could route analog signal to the actual analog rig, but plugins mimic analog rigs so well...
  10. PaperBoat

    Audiophile music player for Windows/Mac and your opinion...

    The best audiophile music player for Windows/ Mac as per your choice and why do you like it?
  11. J

    Need help understanding the frequency spectrum in some audio files

    The following is the frequency spectrum of the same song by Savatage- St Patrick's . the first is the Japanese press CD ,the second is the remastered "Narrated version" CD. It seems that the blue color (and may be the the red-orange as well) look denser in the "Narrated Edition" CD ...
  12. metasharp

    Best Audiophile Bluetooth headphones [2022-11-09]

    Hello, I thought it'd be nice to a a summary of the available products and information we have or lack. I didn't mention below headphones that are most certainly not qualified to be the best. If I forgot anything, please mention it. Model (candidates for best) Price (2nd hand) Audio Science...
  13. E

    F/S: Genelec 8361A Pair For Sale - Sacramento Region

    Includes GLM User Kit and 9310AM-US Volume Control. White finish, new condition. Price is $10,000. For everything, it would cost over $11K with tax, so you'd be getting a good discount for essentially brand new. Local only (Sacramento Region or SF Bay Area - if willing to drive). Each...
  14. SimpleTheater

    So sick of all the bickering - so I did something about it

    How many arguments can we have that just go around and around in circles. ASR is hated on HiFi Heaven, HiFi Heaven is hated on ASR, Audioholics is being harassed by Synergistics, and cable arguments that go on and on and on. I decided NOT to create more acrimony, but I decided to bring unity...
  15. T

    Audiophiles Rejoice: The Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem actually proves high-res audio is real and works I like ASR, would be interesting to hear what you think about this article.
  16. M

    Headphones guitar studio

    Hi, im new here, been reading a few weeks, getting ideas for my setup to play guitar and since I’ll do it on headphones,it seemed the place to ask, sorry to make my first thread a question,also apologies if this has been discussed,I had a search and couldn’t,like I’ll explain in a moment, im...
  17. B

    Audiophile Music Sales

    Of special interest to the audiophile community might be tracks 2, 3, 6 & 9. These tracks have been recorded using just one microphone, the Josephson C700S. The advantages of the One Microphone approach to recording are obvious: perfect imaging, great sense of depth, superior realism and phase...
  18. B


    15 % off on all downloads at NativeDSD Music 15 % off on all downloads at Vinyl Records, SACDs, DVD Audio, Audiophile Equipment|Acoustic Sounds 50 % off on some downloads at Sound Liaison Music Shop
  19. B

    How to position your speakers perfectly?

    Best speaker placement tutorial and best speaker placement music? On youtube there are a great number of tutorials in speaker placement. Any of these you would especially recommend? PDF manuals link are welcome as well. Cambridge Audio, Cnet, Crutchfield......? I have downloaded the Sound...
  20. V

    Power conditioners suggestion

    Hi awesome guys, i was looking to those kind of.. Audiophile Sockets Shuko, also called Power conditioners i think, just to make sound my headphones into TA-ZH1ES Dac-amp better (I will buy that soon) but i have almost 0 Experience in audio, you do, oh, if you do, you knowings are golden.. So...
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