1. V

    Power conditioners suggestion

    Hi awesome guys, i was looking to those kind of.. Audiophile Sockets Shuko, also called Power conditioners i think, just to make sound my headphones into TA-ZH1ES Dac-amp better (I will buy that soon) but i have almost 0 Experience in audio, you do, oh, if you do, you knowings are golden.. So...
  2. orchardaudio

    PecanPi - Next Generation Raspberry Pi DAC and Streamer

    Meet the PecanPi DAC and Streamer Improvements over previous generation DAC include: Fully linear ultra low noise power supplies Re-clocking with Crystek femtosecond jitter oscillator Built in HW volume control (no Volume-Clocker needed) Built in high performance headphone amplifier Full...
  3. K

    Interviewed Jason Lord from Source AV

  4. K

    Of Audiophiles and Snake Oil - A story in the making

    I posted a long'ish' thread on Reddit regarding audiophiles and their ideas on 'expensive being better' - I'd love to know what everyone here thinks about this. Am I among the handful who feels like objectivity is the only 'objective' for DACs/Amps? Should I do what they say and 'trust my...
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