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Your thoughts on the Rogue Audio Sphinx V2?


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May 28, 2018
Soliciting opinions on this integrated that I am considering to replace my Rega Elex-R. The Sphinx V2 got into my shortlist because of the rave reviews and that it fits my budget. Why am I upgrading? Well, I'm looking for a bit more power and at the same time something different (from class AB to Hypex+tubes hybrid) to play with. If I get a new integrated, the Elex-R will be reassigned to my secondary system in another room.

I've yet to visit the local dealer to audition the Sphinx and thought of getting some feedback here in the meantime.

So below is the image of the amp guts (how the car audio realm calls it). I am not an electrical engineer but to my eyes it has a college project vibe. Some questions in my head:
- No heatsinks on the Hypex modules? I know they are class D but still...
- The boards seem to have no logical layout: where's the headphone amp? where's the phono stage? is the tube line stage "mixed" with the drive stage? Is the input selector "drive shaft" a good idea (i.e. vs. relays)?



Rega Elex-R below for comparison.
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