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Which flagship headphone has fantastic soundstage/imaging und bass?

You can get a tactile bass transducer to help you with that. I use a Subpac S2 to recreate the tactile feel of a sub in the room. Takes some tweaking, but I find it helps a great deal, especially when used with the Realiser.
Thanks - looks interesting. Hopefully they will be available again if there is enough demand.
I appreciate all the responses. I got a used (but practically new) Warwick bravura HP sytem for 4.2k. it might not have the most visceral bass but it excels in everything else. I will try use some virtualizer suggestions on it and see if i finds something i am happy with. Maybe i will upgrade to a realizer in the future.
The lcd x seem very good for bass and , although maybe not the absolute best in the soundstage/imgaing department. Since I sometimes game for many hours I fear they would be to heavy for that.

I haven’t heard much good about the DCA expanse but will check it out again along with the stealth but I will check them out again.
I'd love to try both of these headphones on my rig and playlist, but both of these companies have anti-customer return/refund policies. They want you to send it back at your own expense, they want to deduct shipping costs and restocking fees. Considering the prices of these items, even a test drive could potentially cost you hundreds $ in losses.
My experience is that the Realizer A16 provides an almost fully realistic recreation of real speakers in real rooms. It feels real except that your body doesn’t get the visceral bass jolt that big speakers provide.

It is designed to replace a 16 channel speaker setup but works really well with stereo. When I visited Dolby studios in SF a few years ago, they had several A8s still in active use - it is a real professional tool.

Other software solutions like Virtuoso typically don’t have the processor speed and dedicated hardware to come close, although I haven’t heard every alternative.
Do you mean that people who use Virtuoso dont run it on capable hardware or that Virtuoso isn't capable of using the hardware to achieve the same level of performance as the A16 even if it was available? Because you can get good hardware that can handle that compute for much less than the 4k for the A16... and theres a decent chance you have that sort of hardware already.
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