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What are we listening to right now..

Saxophone and Rock have a... ummm... ???... checkered-pass; shall we say!:oops:

Here is the start of the first (non cherry-picked) example:
"Sax in a rock song can be many things: missing link to the big band swing the upstart genre replaced in the early 1950s; supplier of complex countermelodies; beloved siren song of Ray Ban Wayfarer-clad dads everywhere.
It’s also probably the most hated pairing of instrument and genre since Sting picked up a hurdy gurdy.
But why? Why so much vitriol?
Rock saxophone haters cite any number of alleged transgressions. It’s too cornball, too nakedly emotional, too painfully earnest, too skeevy. See: Clinton, Bill; Seger, Bob; G, Kenny.
There is no way to affect irony when a playing saxophone. It is a frankly dorky instrument, which is its biggest flaw or greatest strength, depending on your tolerance for schmaltz. Tastes evolve, and some vocal music snobs lovers have come to disparage the heart-on-its-sleeve emotionality of the sax in favor of the otherworldly synths and perennial chiming guitars of modern indie rock, or the minimalist melodies of all genres “post-.
Dana Colley of Morphine plays a mean old baritone-sax, no less.;)
More Nils Frahm, the guy is a genius when it comes to sound design and reproduction

Went to see him live last week, home systems can't compare when he is in full flow in proper auditorium. One of the best live music experience I've had.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Fantastic bombastic
A new song released from the upcoming album Rack by The Jesus Lizard.

Elvis Presley - RCA Indianapolis Test Pressing of album #3 from the Reader's Digest boxset "Elvis! His Greatest Hits"

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