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Topping E70 Stereo DAC Review

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Just reporting back for anyone else in the same boat. I can't guarantee I've measured this correctly as I've simply watched a couple of how-to videos on multimeters before The Big Measuring Event; in fact, I can probably more likely guarantee I've measured INcorrectly!

For what it's worth, though, I measured ~10mV of DC output on pins 2 & 3 of the XLR output of the Topping E70. Now, whether that's a 'safe' amount or not I the amateur can certainly not say, but assuming the measurement is accurate, the DC output I read personally was non-zero, so I am more inclined to spend a little more and buy another Audiophonics Hypex amplifier that doesn't carry this warning about a lack of decoupling capacitors.

For what it's worth as a counter-argument to my decision, Audiophonics, whom I'd also written to along with Topping, were kind enough to get back to me and let me know that the message about the decoupling capacitor absence "only concerns esoteric or DIY sources without output capacitors".

Thanks again everyone for their input! Much appreciated.
So where is the 1.04 firmware?
I have the TV issue as well.
Any help is appreciated!

I've been running the E70 with my Audiophonics Purify-Amp in "preamp-mode" for around a year now without any problems. The firmware was flashed to 1.04 ! So I can adjust the PLL of the SPDIF input if necessary. For LG-TV's 10 should work. Please keep in mind that higher numbers increase jitter. A little tweaking is recommended. I'm running it with my Sony TV with 5.
Topping set it to 5 for the best measurement experience.;) Lower number=better measurement!
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Better with the link ;)

Oh, yeah, I forgot that today we have to serve everything directly to the mouth… Just kidding.
I know it's good forum style.;)
High guys, anyone here knows how to check the firmware on the E70, to see if it's the latest.
Just connect the DAC through USB, download the latest firmware and the app will tell which is installed
When all else fails read the instructions. I think you can see from the control knob, press and scroll through options.
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