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Topping DX7 Pro+ Review (DAC & HP Amp)

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Active Member
Dec 27, 2020
@staticV3 OK I might have misunderstood his problem then. Tried to reread his problem just now and still confused why there is issue.
"....i have headphones and active monitor speakers. every time i want to use headphones i have to turn the volume down or the otherway around when using the speakers again." -> there should not be any need to do this.

I use a DX3Pro+ and my headphone never gets unplugged and same as the line out connecting to my A300 amp. The beauty of the control is there is separate remote button for HP out only and line out only and each has independent volume setting memory(if line out is Pre mode only of course). I never use the HP+LineOut mode and do not find it useful at all.
Just hit a remote button to switch between using HP out and line out(in what ever pre/dac mode I desired) is all I do/use. I never need to mess with the volume when I want to switch between the 2. And I never need to disable/unplug my headphone either.
The DX7Pro works the same way as far as I know.


New Member
Mar 31, 2023

Please, i currently own DT880 250Ohm, but also planning an upgrade. Would this Amp/Dac be enough to use Audeze LCD-X or something like Fostex TH900/TH909 to their full potential?

Thank you :)
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