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Stand mount speaker


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Apr 7, 2021
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
This is a pair of speakers I've built a while ago (6-7 years ago) and I thought it would be nice to share the measurements. The layout of the speakers is inspired by Troels stepped baffle projects but the crossover design is my own. For the low frequencies I used an SB17MFCC35-4 driver and for the high frequencies I used the Vifa XT25TG30-04. At the moment I designed and built these speakers, the SB drivers were relatively new to the market and I really liked the specs and I decided to buy a pair and build this speakers. As for the tweeters, I was always curious how the ring radiator worked and sounded. When designing the crossover I used an old PC with the LEAP software. I used the data from the datasheets and not measured. I know that best practice is to measure the frequency response and the impedance and use that information when designing the crossover. I did not have a large piece of MDF to use as an "infinite baffle" and it was to big of a hassle to make one. The frequency response was measured in the room I use the speakers. The crossover frequency is at 2kHz.


The dips at 180Hz and 480Hz are most probably room modes. Overall I think that the frequency response is very good considering that I measured them in the room and not outside or in a big room.

The distortion is pretty good for this price level.


Because both drivers are 4OHM (I wanted to buy the 8OHM version of the woofer but it wasn't on stock) I was concerned about the impedance of the final speaker but it is ok, I have a minimum of 3.8OHM at 155Hz. This is not bad at all.

And I also did an impedance measurement with the BR port blocked:

And I also looked at the phase measurement:

I think that overall the speakers turned out pretty good and I enjoyed listening to them for the last 6-7 years. The sound is really pleasant and with a bit of DSP from Roon and some acoustic treatment of the room, the result is quite good. I plan to build something more expensive in the near future but these speakers will most probably remain in operation in a secondary system.



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