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SMSL AO200 Subwoofer connection

Jon wise

Nov 16, 2021
Hello this is my first post here, I'm in no way a expert, just trying to learn and not damage my equipment along the way.
I'm thinking of buying a S.M.S.L AO200 and have been trying to find out if its possible to connect it to a subwoofer with a high level speaker connection, the reason I ask is because on checking my BK electronics 200xl subwoofer manual they state that not all class D amplifiers can be connected via high level speaker connections http://www.bkelec.com/hifi/sub_woofers/XLS200 MK2 MANUAL.pdf
I know I can use the sub outs on the AO200 but I have heard that possibly high level connections may give better sound and If I was experimenting I don't want to damage the amp.
I cannot find any info in the AO200's manual regarding this query.
Thank you for any input on this.


Aug 14, 2020
Welcome! I started down this rabbit hole last year when it was pretty clear that I would be spending a lot of time in a home office and cheap-o computer speakers wouldn't cut it. I knew nothing about home audio but know (and owe :) ) a lot more now. Stick around and you'll learn a ton!

I have an AO200 using high level connections to a BIC F12 subwoofer via RCA, then out to a pair of JBL Studio 530s. The crossover is set at 100Hz and works wonderfully.

I don't know for sure if this is also true using Neutrik but I assume so since you are still starting with an RCA connection from the back of the AO200 and using 3 wires instead of 4.

Enjoy your time here!
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