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    SMSL AO200, Lack of bass punch/definition with Elac debut 6.2's

    My subjective Impressions of SMSL AO200, I bought this after reading generally positive impressions on this and the DA-9 amplifier; (youtube and in the forum here). Lots of reviews comparing it to A/B amps up to £1000-£1500 from a few years ago. This was to be a replacement for a Rotel RA 1060...
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    SMSL AO200 Subwoofer connection

    Hello this is my first post here, I'm in no way a expert, just trying to learn and not damage my equipment along the way. I'm thinking of buying a S.M.S.L AO200 and have been trying to find out if its possible to connect it to a subwoofer with a high level speaker connection, the reason I ask is...
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