1. Presently42

    I've Been Deceived!

    Honestly, just venting a bit. I figured, that at the least, a bunch of audiophiles would be able to commiserate. I bought a Rythmik Audio LV12 off ebay, based on the review here of the similar L12 - the V stands for vented. The ad said, that it had "Great Sound" and was in used condition, but...
  2. Sparky

    Genelec 8341AWM paired with MiniDSP SHD

    Hi all. I have asked a few questions in various threads regarding the 8341's but, seen as though I've just purchased these beauties, I thought I would start a thread so I can keep all the valuable information in one place. So, based on the measurements Amir has taken, I have purchased a pair...
  3. sweetchaos

    REL Acoustics just released 3 new subs (T/5x, T/7x, T/9x)

    REL Acoustics just replaced their previous generation of subwoofers: T/5i 8" sealed, 550 GBP (or 756 USD) T/7i 8" passive radiator, 850 GBP (or 1169 USD) T/9i 10" passive radiator, 1000 GBP (or 1375 USD) As of today, here's the new generation: T/5x 8" sealed, rated 32hz at -6db, 650 GBP (or...
  4. danielmiessler

    JTR Subs for HiFi and Music Primarily

    Hey all, I'm looking for some subs to pair with a Genelec active-monitor-based HiFi system. I'm using Genelec 8351B's for left, right, (and center for HT), and am looking to get some really nice subs to go with them. I'm going to be running everything through the Storm MkII processor, which...
  5. sweetchaos

    Which subwoofers would you like to see tested with CEA-2010 protocol?

    I have compiled a massive 'subwoofer comparison' spreadsheet. So far, I've found +1600 subwoofer models in total and +300 models with CEA-2010-A data. But there's a lot of interesting subwoofers that weren't tested. I'd like to see a discussion thread dedicated to which subwoofer models, we...
  6. sweetchaos

    List of Canadian Speaker,Headphone,Subwoofer Resellers/Dealers

    -=List of Canadian Speaker, Headphone, Subwoofer Resellers/Dealers=- I created a list of Canadian Speaker, Headphone, Subwoofer Resellers/Dealers. Let me know if you'd like to see improvements or want to add to the list. There's no affiliate links. Enjoy! Sneak Peak:
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