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Screenless DAP recommendations


New Member
Jul 21, 2021
I'm looking for any recommendations. I have a Walnut V1 and V2s, both kinda dying a bit, but I'm also keen to see if there is anything better. I would be pairing with the Fiio A3 amp, to drive either etymotic or PFE 232's.
I'd like the following features;

- Gapless Playback
- Resume (if possible from specifically the time stamp within the file, Walnut V1 did this, sadly V2s does not and resumes only at the start of the track last played).
- EQ, well... even a basic one like V2s, Jazz for example sounded better than the rest imo.
- SD card slot, or failing that USB3/C, USB 2 is too slow for day to day copying of files.

That's it really. I like to keep things simple, I choose the tunes I want to listen to that day and pretty much copy to sd card and put in my DAP, hit play.

V2S is really nice, I just get annoyed with the resume not behaving like it would with the original. I also tire of having to toggle it to Jazz every time I turn it on. Maybe its the best bang for buck tho.
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