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Room treatment and speaker upgrade Kef IQ90 vs R3 vs R5


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Feb 8, 2021
Hi! I have recently finished setting up my HT/stereo system consisting of Kef IQ90, IQ60C, IQ30 and dual SVS PC-13 ultra with upgraded amps. I'm using a Denon AVR-X4400h to drive my setup (7.2). Attached is a REW measurement of my untreated room. The room is L shaped 3,3 x 5,8m (10,8 x 19ft) listening area + 2,2 x 3,5m (7,2+11,5ft) office. I have speakers about 70cm (2,3 ft) from front wall and 55 cm (1,8ft) from side wall with a sleight toe in. MLP is centered about 2,5 meters (8,2ft) from the front speakers. Back wall is at a 20 degree angle towards the office. After doing the measurement I have increased gain of my subs by 8db by ear. Crossover is set to 150hz as I found that sounded best and gave the smoothest bass response.

I think my setup sounds really good. It sounds almost like surround playing in stereo (2.2), but i think it sounds like the different instruments/vocals are a bit smeared out across the front soundstage.

Is there any unobtrusive room treatments I could use to improve the focus of the imaging (High-ish WAF)? Absorption/diffusion of first reflection points? If so diffusion or absorption? I have read a lot about the topic and it seems opinions differ about 50/50 between absorption/diffusion. Bass traps are unfortunately not an option due to size/WAF, but I could add some absorption behind the rear speakers to try to tackle SBIR

Im also concidering upgrading my front and senter speakers to KEF R3/R5 + R2C. Every review I have read states that these are great speakers, but will there be a big audible difference from my current Kef IQ90 + IQ60C setup given the room response I have and the corrections I can do? I cannot add any treatment to the first reflection points on the left wall as the door has glass windows.


P.S: I posted first in the wrong forum - sorry :)
Frequency response.JPG

Frequency response smoothing.JPG


Room setup.jpg
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