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  1. W

    MacBook Pro direct to 1et400a to Kef R3?

    Hi All - I'm just getting into high-end audio and could use some advice. I've been watching countless youtube videos for a couple months and have priced out dozens of different setups. The audio I have any recent experience with is limited to consumer-grade headphones (ath-m50x, airpod pro) and...
  2. M

    KEF R3 new REW measurements (Do I need a subwoofer?)

    Hi again ASR community. Some time ago you helped me a lot in this thread Since then I have changed my audio setup and now it is KEF R3 with Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 streaming amp. Below please find the measurements I did using REW and UMIK-1 mic with RoomPerfect enabled (Lyngdorf room correction...
  3. D

    Value in adding HPF to KEF R3 in 2.1?

    Hey All, I've been trying to do my due diligence in building a new system geared towards music and video games. I'm having a ton of enjoyment in the process thanks to this forum. I'm hoping someone can give me some input on the design and specifically, if there would be noticeable value in...
  4. K

    Wharfedale EVO 4.4 vs KEF R3

    Hello, looking to upgrade my Elac Debut Reference DBR62 speakers. I have a 30sq meters living room, use is 95% music and and my favorite genre is soul/funk/rnb. Never had a pair of floor standers, never liked them aesthetically but it seems I am in love with the looks of...
  5. D

    Do I need a pre-amp for R3

    Hi all, I'm looking to get some new speakers for my desk. I was initially looking at the KEF LSX, but I can pick up some ex-display KEF R3's for £749 which feels like a good price (is it?). Are they a little too big for desk use? I dont really need wireless/connectivity features as i will be...
  6. Nuyes

    KEF R3 meta Measurements

    Hi, I measured the KEF R3 meta loudspeakers this time. These speakers have just been released, but I was able to get a pre-order sample (a pair) from an audiophile in Korea. Impedance Frequency response I measure HF responses using a 5ms window gating. Therefore, the...
  7. D

    KEF speakers close to the wall

    Hi, After few years of using Marantz PM6006 with Dynaudio Emit M10 I decided for an upgrade. Because of room specifics I decided to go for Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 with room correction. I also liked their power user capabilities. When it comes to the choice of the speakers I narrowed it down to KEF...
  8. regan

    Is it safe to buy second hand speakers? In my case KEF R3

    I've found a good deal (maybe too good) for a pair of R3s but I'm anxious about buying them since I don't want to get fooled... The seller states they are 2 yrs old. Are there any ways of testing them to make sure everything's ok and nothing is broken with them? I don't have a mic and know...
  9. L

    Genelec 8331a vs KEF R3

    Fairly new on here, so apologies for any incorrect thread posting locations or layout. I have a decison to make with my future audio setup. I have a pair of KRK Rokit 5 G4's sat on a desk with a pair of Kanto SP6HD stands, and I was looking to upgrade my sound and style in a mostly symmetrical...
  10. S

    Help with deciding on Streamer and Setup upgrade

    Hello all, I currently have Marantz PM6003 + CD6005 + Monitor Audio Bronze bx2 First thing I would like to add is a Network Streamer. I would love to be able to play music from my phone / tablet using services as Tidal YouTube Prime. I was looking into Bluesound NODE (at about 550€ ) Second...
  11. K

    KEF R3 OR BOWER & WILKINS S706 s2 ???

    Hello guys I need some help here , I'm setting up a Home theater / listening room but I have 0 experience with audio so i hope some ppl give me some insight on which one of these speaker will work better for me ., this would be a big purchase and i don't want to spend money on somethi8ng that it...
  12. R

    KEF R3 Black, 5 months old, I want to trade for Revel M106

    Hi, Piano Black KEF R3 set. No damage or bumps nicks. (the piano black finish has a few super micro scratches which is typical, very minor - not noticeable and only from someone using a cloth to dust them) Sound great. Have all the original packing for shipping. I am looking to see if anyone...
  13. V

    amp rec: KEF R3, excellent detail and "punch" at low volumes

    I have the KEF R3s and SVS SB1000 sub. When I demo'd these I could hear great detail in the music at low volumes. I believe they were demo'd with Hegel H190. I have the Cambridge CX81 and am not satisfied. I did try the option mentioned on here about the A07 headphone amp, and that was severely...
  14. Steve Dallas

    KEF R3 vs. Philharmonic BMR Grudge Rematch to the Probably not Death Thread

    As none of you recall, I tested the roadshow BMRs that Dennis was kind enough to ship all around the country last year and posted a lengthy thread about the experience. And, I ended up liking them enough to buy a pair. They even unseated my KEF R3s, which I sold shortly after receiving the...
  15. C

    Kef R3+ sub is this a good plan?

    Hello everyone i did find an used pair of R3 for 950 euros and i am very tempted to bite the apple right now they maybe become my stereo listening setup alongside my 5.1 setup, i could use my subwoofer for the R3, it's an 18 inch sealed subwoofer, a true beast, and i have Dirac live on my...
  16. S

    Help building a lasting ~$10k system with apartment limitations

    Hey guys! First time building a system, but have been dreaming about it for a long time, so am very excited and looking to build something that I can enjoy at least for a few years before upgrading. Because of work, unfortunately, I don't have as much time as I'd like for researching and going...
  17. B

    [WTB] Single KEF R3 - Black or White for use as center channel.

    Looking to buy a new or used KEF R3 single monitor, for use as a center channel. I am located in USA, NJ
  18. R

    KEF R3 + Loxjie A30?

    I want to purchase KEF R3 standmounts. Is Loxjie A30 a good match for them? My setup would look like this [PC usb -> A30 -> R3]. I plan to also get a subwoofer later. Wondering if the grille visible in the photo could affect how they sound anyhow?
  19. M

    Room measurements with KEF R3

    Hi everyone, This is my first attempt to room measurement. My goal is to acoustically optimize the room. I have KEF R3 loudspeakers set up in my living room, standing on speaker stands that are 75cm high. The dimensions of the room are 520cm x 505 x 253 (L x W x H) and that would be 17.06ft x...
  20. M

    Starting out - KEF R3 or Integrated Amps?

    Hello All, First of all thank you for Amir and rest of the ASR crew and contributors on here. I have found this forum to be extremely useful as I begin the journey. Bit of a dilemma and I wanted to seek some feedback from you. Current Setup: Sonos Arc and my usage is about 60:40 on music to...
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