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REW signal generator and RTA function


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Apr 3, 2018
Been wanting an AP signal analyzer. Saw where REW offered this as part of the package. Being a Mac user this ran into an issue right off. The OS Mojave was blocking the loopback signal. I was convinced I did not know how to route loopback.
Sorted that out and have been playing with this. Purchased an Akitika 2 ppm 1 KHz signal generator to see if it was higher quality than the REW signal generator. The late 2012 Mac Mini does not have a high spec sound card so it does offer lower noise floor. But suffers from spread and more hash.
I now feel comfortable that this should allow testing my diy amps. Plus some 1w, 100 mW, and 10 mW output to see low level results. My speakers are high efficiency and these are expected levels.
Used a Focusrite Clarett 4Pre for these loopbacks. Optical TB cable, iFi iPower 12 v supply, and a few other items.
Not quite SOTA, but maybe good enough for testing my amps. Plots next.

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