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Review and Measurements of the Topping D70 DAC

Apr 4, 2019
You know, I have an Aeolus on order also. It's looking like they might arrive around the same time. That'll be a cool week!!
Aug 13, 2019
I haven't m9xx to compare, but I can give some hints. Try to check AC polarity of power cord connection. D70 is sensetive to polarity, in wrong connection sound is a bit smoothed/blured (especially highs). Also make sure that the PCM filter is not 2, 4 or 5, they're affects bass presentation pretty much. Also if you're using foobar, try 32-bit ASIO mode, it reproduces low frequencies more percise. These are my conclusions after many experiments.
Listened to foot-tapping on ES9038 smartphone, there is more punch, bass is less fuller, but it really is recognized more like foot-tapping. I understand what you are talking about. Closest result on D70 is with PCM filter 6 applied (in DAC mode, not in PRE -12db), it adds density to sounds a bit in comparison with filter 3.
ADD: most dynamic and crisp sound - KS output (Kernel Streaming). Check it out.
Filter 3 is my choice too when playing non-DSD music on D70. ( D70 only has two filters for DSD)
Unfortunately, Grace m9xx still provides more accurate foot-tapping, clapping and string decay even in lower volume. Don't get me wrong, D70 does deliver good sounds when paring with Sennheiser HDVA 600/GustArd H10 amps and T1/LCD2 headphones. But m9xx just delivers more.
I think Grace m9xx sets the bar really high in the same $500 price range.


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Feb 6, 2018
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