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Question for Engineering/Designer/Repair-Rebuild/DIY'er Types

da Choge

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Dec 31, 2018
Kinda of a very niche question, but here goes:

I have recently come across a moderately expensive USED AVR for sale in the USA that has some intrinsic value to me. It is currently available (from retail sources) in the USA in a new version and also available in a previous version (very limited supplies), but NOT at all (new or previous versions) in the finish I really want. This item is actually a foreign version of the previous USA unit (probably British). It runs on 220V. The seller says he has been using a 500W "converter" to power it. But its rated power requirements list as 900W @ 220V. Is there a chance that the internal amps have been damaged, or that their life has been significantly reduced, running it on the USA power grid in this manner (with only a 500W AC-AC converter power supply)?

The seller claims the unit is completely functional, just "used". I'm not at all savvy in this type of thing, but I always though you may need a Step-Up Transformer, possibly with at least 2-3X the spec'd power requirements, to run such 220V foreign audiovideo components safely and effectively on the USA power grid (to account for transient power needs).

My main concern is for the potential health and longevity of the used unit in question when it has been run with suboptimal power - I don't know how old this unit is, as of yet, as the seller will only be available for inquiries in 3 days. But it could be at least several years old as the previous version came out in 2018. Any thoughts? I am really interested in this component.
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