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Octave Music Don Grusin High Resolution Music Analysis (Video)


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Aug 27, 2018
But most "hi-rez" would also have a bit depth of 24 or more, which does give it more amplitude resolution, no?
No. Here's how I think of it, others who answered I'm glad for correction as needed.
- Let's say the player outputs 2 volts. Then I think the smallest bit represents 2/(2^16) = 2/65536 = 0.000030517578125 volts. S/N=96 dB.
- At 24 bits you'd have 2/16777216 = 1.19209289551e-7 volts. Oooh it's way smaller, so more resolution!
But I guess the original 16 bits can encode the amplitude re-creatably within the original 96 dB "perfectly" more or less. All the tinier bits let you do is encode smaller and smaller, i.e. "into the noise floor" kinda sorta, or into tinier sounds for more dynamic range (S/N like 144 dB). I'm vaguely paraphrasing another poster in another thread, echoing snippets I learned in engineering school.

What I still have never seen is a good explanation of what happens if you're running at 96k or even 192k, and don't lowpass filter. Yeah, ultrasonic images wrapping into the audio range, the horror, the horror, do it to Julia! Er, but microphones don't usually pick up much above audio frequencies do they? And do quiet studios really have much ultrasonic noise? Seems to me that there just wouldn't be much to alias in the first place. ????

Keith Conroy

Jan 23, 2021
Well said! I think it is important to look at things objectively. I believe Amir does, but I believe this community seems overly eager to attack some brands and praise others.

In fact there are a few PS audio devices on this site that Amir showed measured well.
Well back at you.............I think your post is also well stated & I agree. It's a shame though. the way PS responded to Amirs less then stellar reviews. They would have been better off saying nothing. Instead they mounted a flawed technical response? I believe this costs them in company credibility? I still like & respect Paul. I'd like to think he knows better?? I think at some point companies get temped to lean on bells & whistles as marketing. Instead of leaning on solid (state of the art) engineering. Some of this is the fault of the Audiophiles who buy into bells & whistles 1st & engineering 2ND!!
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