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New setup with svs sub. Need advice on sub placement.


Aug 1, 2019
Hi guys. I recently purchased an svs pb-1000 pro subwoofer. Below are the pictures of my 5.1.4 setup (the chair is the main listening position - MLP). My avr is denon x3700h.

I ran Audyssey calibration with the sub's own volume set at -19db (initially I set it at -15db - which translated to 50% volume per svs website, but during Audyssey where it asked me to do sub level matching, I lowered it down to -19db) and after calibration the sub trim on the avr is set at -3db.

Bass sounds decent, but I wonder if it can be better. I'm watching a movie called Kong vs Godzilla and in several scenes the explosions or the monsters fighting don't seem to have a lot of thump and oomph like I expected. One thing I notice is if I move away to the left from the MLP then the bass becomes noticeably louder - I'm not sure if louder means better but it definitely has of more of that rumble to it. If I move to the right then the bass becomes noticeable quieter.

I tried some sub crawl yesterday and it seems putting the sub right next to left side of the desk yields the best response. But even after I placed the sub there, moving away to the left from the MLP still make me feel louder bass. Maybe I need to rerun Audyssey with this new placement? Rerunning the whole thing is a PITA so I'd love to avoid it.

Could you take a look at my setup (which I'm aware is not perfect obviously with no room treatment and kinda unusual with the desk in the middle there) and let me know if there's something simple I can do to improve further upon the impactfulness of the bass at the MLP?


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Apr 17, 2022
Man I'm not sure about your particular situation, but in my experience it depends entirely on the movie and the source... I know that when i watched the most recent season of stranger things the sound track absolutely blew me away and made me shake and hug my pillow due to the perceived eeriness, but when i watch other movies, it's like the sub is not even on.. so i guess the solution would be to make the adjustments on a case-by-case basis


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Jan 1, 2020
That is a narrow room, not a lot of space to maneuver around for ideal placement. I would suggest moving the sub to the corner next to the left speaker and see if that'll help. Ideally, from what I have read about subwoofer placement in a home theater setup, you want the sub behind your sitting position, but that may not be feasible.
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