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Ken Fritz - Audiophile Documentary

Ah yes the WaPo comments section, I'm sure they're filled with the enlightened musings of some millennials living in their parent's basement breaking down a man that worked nearly his entire life while they suck on someone else's teet.

Unless you've heard the system none of us have any idea how it sounds.

That you think millennials are reading newspapers (physical or online), much less commenting on articles in them, is most amusing. Trust me, it's boomers like us all the way down.

As far as the home concert hall builder guy (RIP), I'm not jealous, I'm as fascinated as I would be with any display of obsessive behavior and terrible taste in decor. (Similarly I'm not in the least jealous of DJT's heavily gilded abodes, which he seems to think is an indicator of classy)

For all his fussing, I certainly don't think (objective) sound quality mattered that much to him, given his devotion to used LPs.
I am puzzled at the repeated insistence by a couple of folks in this thread, one in particular, that the article is "biased" or following some kind of leftwing cultural agenda.I think the article paints a contradictory, very human picture of what was probably a contradictory, very human man and family.

I'm not! (Puzzled, that is). The article author is obviously a nefarious far lefty type...probably antifa! Lefty because he had a podcast produced by NPR! Nefarious because he tried to brainwash innocent children into thinking Stan Lee is a hero! Justy look at his WaPo bio:

Geoff Edgers is an American journalist and writer who is the national arts reporter for The Washington Post. He previously worked for the Boston Globe. Edgers is the author of "Walk This Way: Run-DMC, Aerosmith, and the Song That Changed American Music Forever." He also hosted the "Edge of Fame," a podcast produced by The Washington Post and WBUR, Boston's NPR station, that profiles figures such as Norm Macdonald, Ava DuVernay, Roseanne Barr and Chevy Chase. In 2010, Edgers produced and starred in the music documentary "Do It Again," about his attempt to reunite the Kinks. His articles have appeared in magazines such as GQ, Spin and Wired. Edgers has also published children's books on Elvis, the Beatles and Stan Lee, and contributed to WBUR Boston. In 2013, he hosted a Travel Channel reality TV series called "Edge of America," and in June 2013 he was awarded a New England Emmy for work on a video for the Boston Globe. Edgers joined The Washington Post in September 2014 as the paper's national arts reporter and hosts the military history series "Secrets of the Arsenal" on the American Heroes Channel.
We can't see all the amps but the front trio look like Krell FPB series probably 700cx (stereo models, the monos had asymmetric heatsinks).

The cool thing is that if you lined up enought of them and got them blinking the right way, it could recall the iconic wall of overloading Krell power gauges in Forbidden Planet.

That would almost be worth $1M of audio and palatial home decor tat. To me.
I guess that works for the US. No half decent philosopher over here would spend more than half a second with the mess Rand called "system".

Who said any half decent philosophers over here (the USA) were?

How many decent philosophers over there (Italy) ever took this nut seriously?

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