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Kef r series / references and shadow flare fitment


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Dec 16, 2022
Last day I visited a showroom where I demoed several Kef speakers from reference metas to the the old R Series. In the older R series like many mentioned the shadow flare was misaligned but upon pushing it in it stays in place, but another thing I noticed was the gap between the driver edge and the shadow flare. If not carefully pushed in, when kept in a tilted position, it touches the black surround of the midrange, and I could feel it “singing” with the midrange as vibrations are passed on to it. Can’t such a fitment damp the midrange more and alter the respsonse? I could hear midrange tone getting changed when it was touching the midrange.

I went around and tried pressing the reference metas shadow flare but to my surprise it’s easy to misalign them too. In that case also, in a slightly titled position, it touches the midranges edges and vibaraions can be felt with fingers on the shadow flare with music. Is this a normal thing which is foreseen while designing them?

One of the reference meta at the store had uneven gaps between drivers and the cutouts on the front baffle meaning there is no way one could avoid the midrange edge touching the sshadow flare? With woofers it’s fine, as it has enough gap even with a slight misalignment.

Is this a non issue with them or a known issue with them?
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