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I need a new AVR and I need help deciding.


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Oct 6, 2023
I find myself in a bit of a conundrum when it comes to choosing between the Denon AVR-S760H and the Arcam AVR10 for my home theater setup. The Denon is a 7.2 channel receiver, available as a refurbished unit on Amazon, whereas the Arcam is a 7.2.4 channel receiver offered as an open box item from Best Buy. Both options have received generally positive reviews in my research, making it challenging to make a clear-cut decision.

I should also mention that while I'm contemplating adding four ceiling speakers to my setup, it's more of a want than a definite plan at this point. However, my decision-making process has hit a roadblock. I recently came across a negative review for the Arcam on a forum, which has cast some doubt on my choice. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any reviews for the Denon, further complicating matters. To make a well-informed decision, I'd like to share my room layout and the current speakers I have in the hope of receiving valuable input from the community. Your insights and experiences would be greatly appreciated in helping me navigate this decision and create the best possible home theater setup, keeping in mind my potential future upgrade with ceiling speakers. I appreciate any insight you have.
Thank you.

My room setup

Center Channel - Front Left and Right - https://www.bicamerica.com/product-page/bic-venturi-dv62si
Surround Channels - Front Sub 10'' - Back Sub 12'' - down firing don't have link


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Aug 27, 2018
So here's some thoughts:
- Get the AVR features you need now, and maybe next year, NOT that you will use eventually or someday. By then some new thing will make you want to get a new AVR anyway.
- Some Arcam products tested very poorly for the money here at ASR. Some newer ones seemed better, but my recollection is the performance was no better than say Denon for a bunch more money, so F on that. (Full disclosure: we've been buying Denon for years quite satisfied).
- The SPEAKERS make by far far far the biggest difference to the sound. Hence direct the money more in that direction.
- In difficult rooms, good room correction is a key. Audyssey XT32, Dirac, ARC Genesis.
- Back in the day BIC was kind of budget stuff and certainly not with the best engineering. I can't comment about current stuff.
- Those tiny Bose, well, take it from this loudspeaker engineer that while design technology has enabled amazing sound out of very small speakers (like your phone, as an extreme example) tiny speakers = tiny sound always to some extent. You really want at least 5" woofers, 6" better yet, depending on your installation.
- You don't mention a center channel.

Anyway the key thing is how much total BUDGET you want to spend?
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