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Help Needed: Audio Cut-Outs with Sabaj A20d DAC/Preamp and Klipsch The Fives Speakers


Jun 6, 2022
Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a Sabaj A20d 2022 DAC/Preamp and connected it to a pair of powered Klipsch The Fives speakers, which are used for music, movies, and games on my home computer. Initially, I used the fixed volume output setting (set to the highest level of 99) on the preamp, while controlling the volume on the speakers directly. However, I noticed that there were occasional audio cut-outs with certain sounds, which only occurred with the speakers and not with headphones.

To resolve the issue, I switched to the adjustable volume output setting and lowered the volume to 70, which eliminated the cut-outs even after raising the speaker volume. However, when I increased the volume to 75, the cut-outs returned. I also found that adjusting the volume in the Windows mixer had the same effect.

I've read that it's best to keep the preamp volume at its highest to allow the power amplifier to control the volume, but I'm not sure if I'm losing anything by not doing so. Is this behavior with the cut-outs normal or do I have a faulty Sabaj A20d or Klipsch speakers? I've included a link to a sound clip that triggers the cut-out every time.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Here's a link to a clip that will make the cut-out happen every time:
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