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Gustard R26 coil whine with sample rates multiple of 48 KHz


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Mar 18, 2023
Hello everyone!

I recently bought a Gustard R26 and I noticed that it has a slight but noticeable coil whine coming from the inside of the DAC when I set its sample rate to multiples of 48 KHz. When I set the sample rate to multiples of 44100 Hz, no coil whine is present. Also, this whine is not present at all in the audio output from the DAC. I recorded some samples with my microphone near the DAC, and by analyzing them with Spek I got confirmation that a whine at 6 KHz and 12 KHz is indeed present when the sample rate of the DAC is set to multiples of 48000 Hz.

I want to ask you all if this behaviour is normal or not, and also want to ask other R26 owners if their unit does the same. I am undecided if I should ask for a replacement, hoping that it will not have this issue, or simply send back the unit, get a refund and buy another DAC, but before making a decision I would like to know your opinion about this matter.
I apologize in advance if this thread should be in the wrong category. Feel free to move it to the right one if necessary.

So far I realized that:
- At 48000 Hz and 384000 Hz the DAC whines at 12 KHz, very subtle and almost not noticeable unless my ears are very close to the DAC;
- At 96000 Hz the DAC whines at 6 KHz and a little bit at 12 KHz, more noticeable than 48 KHz and 384 KHz but still subtle;
- At 192000 Hz the DAC whines very loud at 6 KHz and slightly at 12 KHz. In this case the whine is very noticeable and I can hear it even at a normal PC usage distance;
- At 44100 Hz and multiples, no coil whine is present at all.

I will post the graphs and also attach a zip file with all the recordings I used for these graphs, if you want to hear the coil whine for yourself.

Here are the graphs from Spek with frequencies multiples of 48000 Hz. You can clearly see the whine at 6 KHz and 12 KHz:

48 KHz.png
96 KHz.png

192 KHz.png
384 KHz.png

And here are the graphs from Spek with frequencies multiples of 44100 Hz. As you can see, in this case there is no coil whine at all:

44.1 KHz.png
88.2 KHz.png

176.4 KHz.png
352.8 KHz.png


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Mar 16, 2018
I thought the R in the name was for R2R, who knew it was actually for Resonance.
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