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Finishing designing and soon starting building my active 3-way fully DIY stereo system


Feb 28, 2020
Central Europe
Dear all, being new here on this forum I thought I start my little thread here, topic see above.
Feel free to ask, criticise, comment, whatever ;) - I'm very open to new ideas.

Please keep in mind I'm keen on walking unpaved roads too ;) and also willing to go for the extra mile just to achieve something 'crazy' - which might be stellar at the end or a horrible something. Doesn't matter. DIY is all about building fun, apart from a hopefully good end-result.

- Source: RPi4 + Volumio + HDMI I2S out, DAC not decided yet. Due to good results and missing number fetishes :) I consider a MiniDSP solution too (no separate active XO then, it will be implemented with the MiniDSP module)
- Crossover: 2x mono 4th order active 3-way Linkwitz-Riley (Elliott Sound Products' website seems to be down, don't know where to source 2 high quality assembled boards.. XLR in, XLR out)
- Bass amps: 2x Hypex UcD2k-based Class D monoblocks, powered by DIY toroidal linear PSUs
- Midrange amps: 2x parallel pushpull Class AB tube monoblocks (KT88-KT150) if output power need allows. If not, switching to Mosfet design
- Tweeter amps: 2x pushpull Class AB Mosfet monoblocks
- Bass driver (1 side): 1x RCF LF21X451
- Mid drivers (1 side): 4x Faital 6FE100
- Tweeter (1 side): Aurum Cantus AST25120
- separate boxes, experimenting with concrete or screed (midrange and tweeter boxes will be transportable when moving, bass box fixed and have to be smashed and reconstructed with each move - but I don't intend to move the hi-fi very much :) )
- whole chain XLR based, fully balanced amp topologies, with the strategy of longer XLR interconnects and amps possibly closer to speakers with somewhat shorter speaker wires - at least for bass definitely (amps just behind the bass speakers)
- independent holder for bass/midrange/tweeter boxes, no physical connection between them (still on top of eachother but via lightweight chromed steel frames or floating on neod. magnets if I can manage a good balance with them)


Senior Member
Sep 18, 2019
If you want good measuring and balanced dac with active crossover on RPi4, okto dac8 pro is very good but need to wait for the lead time. Do you plan to get subwoofer? If I am going all out I would get subwoofers so I get better subbass and better mid because no IMD from high excursion, though maybe I can't tell the difference. :p Making box from concrete would be interesting and fun to do, I would like to know the result.
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