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Nov 18, 2020
Are the cabinets basically the same, or is the USA one better made (thicker cabinet) and/or different finish?

If they are basically the same, I can’t see why someone would spend a considerable amount more for the USA one, unless stock is an issue. I like seeing Made in the USA as much as the next guy, but not if it’s basically the same and the price differential is huge.

Different finish. The Ohio made cabinets come with a unique textured satin black finish proprietary to PSA. It takes quite a few man hours to properly apply this spray-on finish which adds cost and was a bottleneck to production at PSA. To increase production to meet market demand the Chinese cabinets were added with a more generic black covering which makes them easier and cheaper to mass produce.


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Aug 14, 2020
Another excellent review.

Really scratching my head on why a company would risk launching a product this flawed. No only are the curves wild, but the directivity is bad, so there is no hope.

A home theater YouTuber talked about how poorly these measured, and the owner of the company, in another forum, dismissed the criticism and said they sound great. Really undermines confidence in the products.

These days, any new speaker maker really needs to have stunning measurements and they should be prominent on the product page.

I love the idea of DIY kits, which are very appealing to home theater builders, but we need something that can make us more confident before we make a purchase decision.
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