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Dirac DLP with Roon resampling issue


New Member
Apr 4, 2023
Hi everyone!

I am using Roon's output to Dirac DLP.
Dirac DLP is detected by Roon via WASAPI.
After signal processing, DLP sends the signal to RME ADI-2-DAC (ASIO).

I've noticed that the sample rate has to be set (fixed) in Dirac DLP.
Whatever content is played in Roon, Roon is then resampling the original rate to this fixed rate set in DLP (this can also be seen on RME's display).

Does anyone know how to get rid of resampling on the path to the DAC in this setup?
I do not like the idea of manually changing the fixed sample rate in DLP for every song with different sample rate.

Thanks a lot for your help...
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