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Digital connection path to Genelec 8330A


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Apr 13, 2023
I see that this forum is the only one with considerable knowledge about Genelecs, so please be patient and help a brother out. :)

I'm searching for a minimalistic, but somehow "exciting" audio system for my bedroom. I am considering the Genelecs 8330A (maybe 8340A) with GLM kit + volume knob; the only non negotiable thing is my iPhone/iPad as a music source. Jazz, ambient, classical, acoustic.. no sub intended.

Here's the question. I'd like the setup to be digitally connected and minimalistic (aaand wallet friendly) as possible. The idea is: iPhone (AirPlay2) -> NAD CS-1 -> coax-to-AES cable -> AES cable through speaker L to speaker R. The volume control is through GLM kit.

Am I thinking right? coax/AES impedance? Am I missing something? And other reccomendations?

THANKS for your help and suggestions, inform me if it's been discused before.
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Aug 29, 2019
There's a difference in both signal amplitude and characteristic impedance between Coax and AES3.

Despite this, people have successfully connected a Coax source to their Genelecs' AES3 input directly and it worked just fine.

There are both active and passive converter boxes that'll convert the characteristic impedance and/or the signal amplitude.
Here's a passive converter for example: https://www.neutrik.com/en/neutrik/products/accessories/aes-ebu-impedance-transformers

As for the NAD streamer, it seems to me like you could achieve the same thing for less money with a WiiM Mini or WiiM Pro.
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