genelec 8330a

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    Digital connection path to Genelec 8330A

    I see that this forum is the only one with considerable knowledge about Genelecs, so please be patient and help a brother out. :) I'm searching for a minimalistic, but somehow "exciting" audio system for my bedroom. I am considering the Genelecs 8330A (maybe 8340A) with GLM kit + volume knob...
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    genelec 8350x2 vs 8330x2+7350x2 vs 8330x2+7360x1, which is better

    Price is closed, for the living room, about 5m x 4m,listening distance is 2m~2.5m, which is better, 8350a x2 vs 8330a x2+7350x2 vs 8330a x2+7360x1, choose genelec because glm is convenient.
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    ask for advice on update genelec 8330a to 8331a or jbl 705p

    My PC room is 2.6m wide, 3.5m long, 3m high, PC table is 1.2m wide, now is using PC -> rme adi-2 dac fs -> 8330a with glm, for music, movie, game. Speaker is put on my PC table, so the biggest size is 5 inch, and no plan to add subwoofer. 8331a is one of my option, what can i get if change to...
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    Two Configs. How much do I need to spend?

    Hello, I'm looking at putting a 2 monitor + DAC system. My research has placed me into two setups, it seems. I was considering Neuman KH80 but don't car for the plastic, and KH-150 seems overpriced compared to the 8340a Viewing Distance: 1m Room size 12 x 10 Config#1 1. RME ADI-2 DAC FS...
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    Monitors for film/TV scoring

    Dear friends, I am about to upgrade my old and horrible RP6SE monitors. I am travelling quite often so there is no treated studio in my case but any room available ;) That's why I want to go DSP route with room correction. I work with synths and orchestral scores so genre spectrum is pretty...
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