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Curious about this forum regarding my cable journey

Not a brilliant way though, because the two speakers are in different places in the room. The way they interact then with the room is actually quite likely to create a difference in the sound, that is nothing to do with the cable.
If there right next to each other the difference should be inaudible. As I said try first with the same cable on each and see if you can hear a difference.
I'll post this here again as cable discussions have been done at nauseam already.....
.....Everybody was happy that day.
The customer for the obvious sonic improvement, the demonstration he got as well as the free delivery and installation.
I am, for the generous tip he handed me for services provided, and above all the pleasure of experimenting on unsuspecting people with excellent hearing in the comfort of their own home and familiar with the system. Of course he still doesn’t know and will gladly tell everyone about the noteworthy improvements he clearly heard when swapping cables.
My boss is happy for making the sale so he can smoke another Cuban cigar.
I have to add that returning cables was standard policy when buying a cable and there was a big sign in the shop stating cables could be returned when no improvements were heard.
In the 7 years I worked there not a single customer EVER returned a cable. And there were some pretty expensive ones amongst them. So either everyone hears it or they don’t but do not want to be laughed at behind their back or they just figure a 'better' cable can’t hurt and as they already paid for it keep using it 'knowing' it is good.
The importer and manufacturer of the cable are also thankful because of the big profit margin.
Thanks so much for this. Your anecdote captures the audio tweak dynamic perfectly.

Including the part about how these tweaks consistently make people happy even when they do nothing.

YouTube audiophiles buy into power cord tweaks while ASR audiophiles may buy into PFFB topology tweaks (with impact that can be measured but almost certainly not heard).
In any case they generally make folks that are into the gear happy.

Endorphins are reliably released driven by cognitive bias. If you never got a return, you must have consistently done a fine job establishing value (aka cognitive bias) before you asked for a sale.
Audiophiles that really think cables sound different are acting on faith and not real science. As such it is a religion
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