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Complete newbie. Help with choosing amp to drive AE109 speakers linked to Sonos Connect.


Nov 12, 2023
Hi. We are a Sonos house, with a Sonos Connect integrating our turntable and an old set of powered speakers in our office / music room. I use the Sonos and speakers to play from Spotify, as well as our large collection of 1950s and 1960s opera on vinyl either played in that room or (via Sonos) into the rest of the house.

I have picked up a pair of used AE109 speakers for the music room / office that I want to integrate. The turntable has a phono stage. So, in my unbridled newbie-dom it seems that I just need an amp.

Question 1. Given the use case, I'd been thinking that a small amp I can just leave powered on all the time would be the way to go. Would the Topping PA3S or the Fosi V3 be more appropriate?

Question 2. I have the opportunity to spend more to pick up a Teac AH500i amp. Gorgeous thing, but I assume it would not be a good plan to leave it switched on all the time?

Thank you so much for any input.
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