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Cheapest possible DAC with balanced XLR/Jack for yamaha hs8


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Jan 30, 2024
I am looking for a cheapest dac for my yamaha hs8 monitors to be honest I don't hear difference between dacs, so the cheapeast will be fine I am currently using sonar dx .
I am searching for balanced outputs as sadly I have a lot of EMF in my area so I often hear some buzzing or typical telephone connection signal, I have even bought ground loop fix box that eliminated like 80% of buzzing and hissing, but that 20% remains. I would like to spend 50-100usd, even less if it is possible.
Thanks a lot for help.

I was also found that apparently Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen have balanced outputs if anyone is also searching.
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Its uses Jack 6.35mm TRS.
The Topping D10b uses those, but on Amazon they have XLR male to RCA 1/4 inch also for the M300se for the same price. The M300se has a modest amp which on the 4.4mm plug is usable for many headphones and any IEM for power.
I've had both and they're a safe bet to shop just on price and connectivity between them.
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